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A comic that was drawn during Slink's stay at the DT Message board. It continues the plot of Pearl's RP Adventure and follows Our Hero around as he continues to do silly things. There was no real overlying plot, aside from Our Hero's relationship with a certain feline who's now Quite Famous.



Plotline one, the quest for a new Art Style!

Slink needed to draw better, so he took Mab, Bryan, and Sprinty off on an adventure to find the mysterious Draw-better pencil. Slink solves an absurdly easy cave puzzle, and the art is improved mildly.

Plotline two, the Date!

Slink and Mab decide to go on a date! It takes them surprisingly long to get around to doing it, followinng Slink around a mall looking for a suit and following Mab along as she...forgets all about the date and plays an arcade machine. The Locker Demon attempts to foil their plans, but is thwarted by Rynn. Afterwords, the locker demon decides to attack Slink in his room, but Slink is so darn happy at the moment that he decides against it and leaves.

Plotline three, it's always funny to mimic anime!

This arc took such animes as Evangeleon and made fun of them. It also took another one that was fairly small-time and put Slink in as the bad guy. FORSHADOWING?

Plotline four, dragon or human?

The Locker Demon steals the Mystic Sword of Phantasy and captures Mab. Slink is trapped in dragon form and races against the clock to rescue her, and his sword, before he loses his humanity entirely. The original ending had Slink do just that, and he and Mab lived happily ever after. The DTmIRC revisit to the ending had far different results...

There was one comic, comic 93, that somehow shifted from the main story and instead featured Geoff going back in time. No further comics were made.

G rating

Like most comics made by Slink, CHIBI had a G rating, and never swore, had limited violence and blood, and was all around cookies and candy. Bleagh!

THE Miss Mab?

Yes. BEFORE She was all famous and stuff.

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