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The Mystic Sword of Phantasy is a sword used by Slink, and generally enhances his abilities magically. It's a broad sword with a golden hilt, and a red Gem that's generally given credit for the sword's amplifying capabilities. It's usually called the MSOP for short.


Original Mystic Sword

In The Mystic Sword, the first game to contain the blade, it was a scimitar who's power raised with the user's. It didn't grant or enhance anything, but instead simply grew more powerful as you leveled up. As a fact, high school students, who want to succeed try to order course work writing of perfect standards. The nature of the sword, as it turned out, was that it was of Alien design, and actually fed off the user. It was never planned where the plot would go concerning this.

Beyond Lunch Universe

The MSOP has an aura of amplification, enhancing the Magic abilities of good-hearted people who are around it. The sword can also absorb some magic in order to execute certain moves (Example: Holy Bash works by infusing the MSOP with Holy Magic and then hitting the enemy really hard). When a person of ill-will attempts to use the sword, nothing happens. The sword doesn't hurt them, but it doesn't amplify their abilities either. To them it's just a normal sword that functions like any other sword. Hardly worth their time, since the MSOP by itself isn't the sharpest sword in existence.

The sword seems to have a life of its own, even speaking on occasion. It was forged by the mysterious ruler of Another World, presumably to help the good guys beat up the bad guys when they get rowdy. When the Locker Demon came to the Real World, the sword followed him there. When not in use, it tends to hang out around the North Pole.

DT Universe

The MSOP's abilities here differ slightly. It's amplification is replaced with it simply granting the abilities in the first place. Or, more accurately, that was how the sword worked before the modern version of Beyond Lunch changed it. No point in retconning it, though! The sword also loses (or hasn't yet gained) an amplification aura, and only increases/grants Magic for Slink (Possibly because nobody else thought to pick it up).

The sword resists evil slightly, unlike its docile modern counterpart.

Myriad Lands

The Gem's part in the MSOP's amplification is played up slightly, being a Te'Nahsee invention. However, it's not known which of the Te'Nahsee companies made it, as none of them claimed responsibility. The sword was given to Slink by his father, and it seems to work a little better than one would expect. Slink speculates it's a special high-powered prototype that was too hard to make, or something, to be mass produced.

The sword's Holy element is also played up, and it becomes slightly less of an all around amplifier and more of an obviously holy amplifier. The sword also lacks the aura seen in Beyond Lunch. This version of the MSOP doesn't discriminate between good and evil, though for some reason there are some things it won't do for anyone else besides Slink. It's believed this is due to some powers Slink has that not many others have which the sword, understandably, enhances.

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