The Warren

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AKA "The Myriad Lands"



Quasi-Canon Arc - First five episodes of the flash thingers
Warren Flash Plot - Now known as the Myriad Lands. It's a real boy show now!


Animal Kingdom - A bizarre land where wildly-potent magic alters the form of those born or visiting. Krine hails from this strange, somewhat obnoxious place.
Fahrenbaum - The place where Bahu, who is awesome, is from. It has science in spades. And clubs. And possibly diamonds. But most definitely hearts.
Te'Nahsee - A fairly normal area that somehow manages to negate magic, making it difficult to use. Slink was raised here, and is an exception to a magicless rule.


Krine, that rabbit dude. He's got two swords. What's up with that? He doesn't need two.
Slink, the ostensibly Main Character. He's most awesome with magic of all kinds due to Things.
Bahu, the Mad Scientist. He's got Pockets. Pockets that are above and beyond what would reasonably be called 'warm,' temperature-wise.


Some factoids about the world:
-It spins on its east-west axis instead of its north-south axis.
-Its east pole is the magic pole. Its west pole is the anti-magic pole. Both are damned frigid.
-Magic, as a result, flows from less dense to more dense west to east.
-It's got a blue-white sun instead of yellow. Superman would still be okay here, I think.
-Never pet a burning dog.

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