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We'll copy this whole-sale when we come up with a decent name for the show. 'kay? 'kay.


To Start Things Off

The gang is in their castle, enjoying their lives in general. They reminisce about how thankful they are that the Naughty Evil Sorceress hadn't bound her magical power to the castle's structural integrity, "unlike that one guy before." Things are going smoothly until a black sword is delivered to the castle by Someone.

Krine, being stupid and not remembering all the games of NetHack stories he'd heard, touches it.


While not welding itself to his hand, it does violently propel itself to him the further it gets from him, requiring him to wear it, even to bed. When even Slink's impressive holy magic fails, they set off on getting it Uncursed after changing into their Adventuring Gear with a big, dramatic moment.

What Things May Come

Madness is truly likely to occur from the moment they set foot outside the castle. Krine (and the world at large) will get to see his evil brother, Kurinen, and his voice actor will get to have fun trying to sound like two different people.

The first step will be visiting Te'Nahsee. At least one joke about pants with tail holes will take place.

The second step will be visiting Fahrenbaum. At least one joke involving explosions will take place.

The third step will be passing through the Animal Kingdom. At least one more joke about pants with tail holes will take place.

The fourth step will be going to the east pole. This is where things get serious enough that I'm not going to even tell where the rest of the story goes.

Got Suggestions, or Things That Just Plain Must Come To Pass?

To be more specific, if you can think of anything you'd want to take place in 'your' country, make a note of it here. For example, when the crew passes through the Animal Kingdom, they'll drop by Sol. Just in time to be subject to a siege. All made more annoying from the fact that they were really just passing through. Kurinen will make an appearance to show that he's not a TOTAL prick.

Te'Nahsee Suggestions

There will be quite a number of Beyond Lunch] references, noticed from the musical style to the various "oddly familiar" cameos. For instance, they may face a mob of troublemakers known as the Beyond Breakfast Club (or something similar), which Slink was part of before they turned bad. The mob/gang boss will be Lo'kra Demoon. They may visit Slink's home and find he has a white cat named Sprinty. Also that'd be where backstory is revealed! Which would make ML the first story involving Slink where you actually know what his life was like in that world.

Which reminds me. All good stories have character development. Guess we should ponder our character's pre-ML lives.

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