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There were 4 of them, and one non-episode. They were mildly entertaining!


Episode 0

Slink's first ever animation. It began with some random, meta humor, and then proceeded to the part Krine wrote which was oddly unpopular among those who didn't know what Fizzban's Keep or The Warren was. Fizzban's Keep was the chatroom Krine and Bahu were originally in before Slink came along. Near the end, it was just Krine and Bahu. Krine demanded a change, so he made his own chatroom, titled The Warren, and invited Slink, who then invited Kittie and Psyko. Yoiko was there, too. But shortly after its creation, it became just Slink, Krine, and Bahu. Slink was often idle, and the irony of the situation was not lost on Krine. Ironically, nowadays it's Krine who often idles.

  • Cast: Slink, Krine, Bahu (sort of), Psyko, Kittie
  • Animation Tool: Mouse
  • Run time: 3:50 (Including opening)
  • Advances made: Gained basic knowledge of animation using stick figures.

Episode 1

Official beginning of the show, the first episode entirely written by Krine. Krine ventures into Bahu's laboratory, and learns of his evil(?) plans! He seems less than worried about them. Psyko and Kittie are oddly absent until the end. They were intended to be animated making out in the background of almost every scene, but at the time it seemed far too challenging and time consuming to animate. Music was made by Slink using Midisoft Studio.

  • Cast: Krine, Bahu, Slink, Yoiko, Psyko, Kittie
  • Animation Tool: Mouse
  • Run time: 4:20
  • Advances made: Everything is now drawn out, and not stick figures. Lots more colors and movement. Sound effects, somewhat.

Episode 2

Slink is kicked out of the chatroom and has to go on a journey to find his Life Lesson! That makes sense, right? This episode saw the first use of a Tablet (near the end), and had to use RPGmaker music because a hard drive failure caused the loss of Midisoft Studio (or whatever the hell it's called now). This episode was the last to use text to describe what everyone was saying, and is also the only episode entirely written by Slink.

  • Cast: Slink, Psyko, Kittie, Krine
  • Animation Tool: Mouse, Tablet
  • Run time: 4:15
  • Advances made: Use of flash 8 filters. Use of Tablet.

Episode 3

Krine and Bahu find that their home now has a giant evil castle built on the back of it. Like, literally slapped together in one day. With Slink, Psyko, Kittie, and Yoiko oddly missing, it's up to them to figure out what's going on and save the day!

  • Cast: Krine, Bahu, Slink, Yoiko
  • Animation Tool: Tablet
  • Run time: 4:05
  • Advances made: Voice Acting. More frames of animation.

Episode 4

Slink becomes worried that his awesome unique powers aren't as unique as they used to be. Yoiko inexplicably fights her own mechanical guards for some reason, and everyone adjusts to The Warren's new design! Krine deals with concerns that he's not as funny as he thinks he is. Pshaw!

  • Cast: Krine, Bahu, Slink, Yoiko
  • Animation Tool: Tablet
  • Run time: 5:45
  • Advances made: Slightly cleaner lines. Slight use of Lipsync.

Episode 5

The spooky castle has had grey skies for weeks now. The gang goes on vacation as a result! The transitional episode between TWmIRC and the Story-driven flash. It's not out yet, so potentially, it's the best episode yet!

  • Cast: Krine, Bahu, Slink
  • Animation Tool: Tablet
  • Run time: ?:??
  • Advances made: Totally new drawing method. Full on Lipsync.

Quasi Canon?!?!?!?!?roflplox

So, what the hell does Quasi Canon mean? Well, 's like this. For example, the gang got a castle by defeating (technically) a Naughty Sorceress who built it overnight. It didn't collapse when she was defeated, so they decided to live there as a reward, since, aside from a spooky decor, it was a fine place to live.
In the plotty version of things, after the five episodes (well, technically six, I guess), the Naughty Sorceress was not Yoiko (probably) but they still kept the castle.
Basically, this is a license for the writer to carry over whatever silly nonsense they want with impunity. F34r.

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