The Other World

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A world in the same place, but another plane than our world. In this world, Magic and Dragons exist, and anyone who goes or lives there can use some degree of Magic. The type of magic you'd have would depend on your personality, as magic is fueled by emotion.

The Other World is ruled by a King of unimaginable Magical power. He's been alive for many years, and is the creator of the Mystic Sword of Phantasy. He's lived long enough to master just about any job skill a person could master, and has read every book a person could possibly read. Not much else is known about this being or what he looks like.

The Races of this world tend to live with their own kind. These "Clans" occasionally let in outsiders, but for the most part are closed societies.

There have been some wars, namely over the incredible power of the White Dragon Clan. Because of them, this species has been utterly wiped out. A war started by the Great Demon of Ice went on until recently, when the demon was thwarted by a human named Edward. Edward then vanished from the world, and wasn't heard from again.

Portals connecting the Other World to the Real World can sometimes be opened if certain conditions are met.

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