Kill Barney

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Created circa 1998, Kill Barney was a BASIC game for the Commodore 64 in which you went through a Text Adventure akin to Zork in order to find, and then kill, Barney. There were many Insto-death choices, and usually just one right one to move Forward. When you found Barney, he whipped out a Double-barreled shotgun, and you had to shoot him first! This wasn't timed, so you just had to shoot him.

This was the first game Slink has ever created. It was Lost to all of Space and Time long ago when the Commodore was lost, or sold, or something.

Krine wishes he could have played it. :C

Bahu remembers an old BBS-based game by the same name, but knows better than to think Slink was so famous Back In The Day that the game ended up on the internet. Back before there was an internet.

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