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Moviechat is a program created by the joint effort of Slink and Brandon, A.K.A. "Psyko", that allows people to watch a movie at the same time while chatting. It's like watching a movie with your family, except online.



Basic Use

Everyone would load their version of the movie, and then prompt the Host to hit Play. This would send a Play command to everyone, allowing fairly perfect sync. Moviechat had the ability to customize how your chat looks (but didn't show anyone else your font color), and had limited logging capabilities. Pausing was used by having a movie stop and then play, auto-seeking to the point it left off. This was due to limitations in the Media control functions of Visual Basic, or the programmer just never figured it out. This presented a mild problem to those with slower PCs.

Chatting and Movie Control

Moviechat allowed simple chatting and the use of /me commands. It allows the host to control the stopping and starting of a movie, and some versions allowed anyone to pause and unpause. The last version didn't allow this, and instead had them ping the host to pause. Moviechat had an "alarm" button to help grab other people's attention.

Movie Functionality

Each person had to have their own copy of the movie file for it to work. For better syncing, it's preferred that they all have the exact same file, as well. Moviechat didn't support streaming movies, though it was planned for a later version. Moviechat can play all movies that'll play in Windows Media Player.

Easter Eggs

the /unicorn command would bring up a window of a unicorn asking if you liked them. Answering no would prompt "Wrong answer." and loop back to the question. Answering yes prompted a ":D Yes. We all love unicorns!" and closed the window. It's rumored that Yoiko had something to do with this.


Moviechat isn't easily obtained. You have to find someone who has it and ask for it. It's no longer being developed, either. At least not for now.

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