Mayhem: It's All For Real

From Egs Mayhem

A unique RP, where players awake to find themselves as their avatars (most recognizable characters).

GM'ed by MDM.

The RP has exploded in popularity, for some strange reason. We (we being MDM) don't know why this happened, and we are extremely pleased and perplexed. Mwahahahahahahahahaha....


So far, the Mayhemites have awoken as their characters, received e-mails and plane tickets to San Diego from a mysterious group called The Aristocrats, flown great distances (in the case of KF-Oz, from Australia to Iraq in one of MDM's dropships), and generally had a really rough time (Dame Helen's been ogled something fierce...tsk tsk tsk...).

Most of the action is currently taking place on the dropship H-115, which is carrying Oz, MDM, The_Kool, Drayco, Lohti, Eve, Hail, Octavian, and some other stuff. They're currently stopped in Pennsylvania, getting KGirl, then they're going to the Star of Mayhem.


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