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SleepyOrigami is the Paper Owl of Mayhem. He folds origami and is often sleepy. Also known as Sir SleepyOrigami the Not Quite Undead. He received the title of the title Not Quite Undead when he was inducted into the Chaos Consortium branch of the Order of the Bunny by Sir MDM the Persistent. When Sir MDM left the Chaos Consortium to form his own branch of the Order of the Bunny, SleepyOrigami was lost in a TIME PARADOX leaving behind his characters Sleepy and Origami. The paradox manifested itself at the Time of LPW Origami's creation thus causing her to arrive in LPW before she left Carrot..?. Since the TIME PARADOX caused portions of her past to have never existed, Sleepy had to seal the empty portions of her memory and fill in the blanks as best he could to protect her mind from continued temporal damage. Sleepy himself was protected from temporal mind damage by maintaining ownership of SleepyOrigami's knighting weapon, the Bat'leth. This Bat'leth acts a temporal constant which tethers Sleepy's present to the past that once was.


Before joining the Keenspot forums, SleepyOrigami was a member of the Cartoon Network Adultswim message boards from 2004-2007. Here he went by another username based off his highschool nickname. While there he posted primarily in the Incoherent Babbling section which was just a bunch of random nonsense. Since leaving these boards in 2007, he has not returned.

SleepyOrigami joined the Keenspot boards on Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:05 pm. He made his first post in the EGS Main board's Newbe intro Thread there 35 minutes later. It read:

"Howdy! I've been reading since late 2005 / early 2006 and I enjoy the comic a lot. I am excited about were the story is going and :sleep:"

He made his first strip slay four posts later. The next Keenspot board SleepyOrigami joined was the ZebraGirl forum 10 days later on Dec 02, 2008 10:56 am. Here he explains that:

"I started reading Zebra Girl when the comic for April 30, 2007 was the newest. I saw that page and was instantly smitten. I had to know what was going on and so I hit previous to read the next page. I ended up reading the entire comic in reverse chronological order within a matter of days. I then read it from beginning to end like a *cough* sane person. :shifty:

As to how I came across this masterpiece, its a fairly simple story. I read El Goonish Shive in late 2005 which lead to the Wotch a year later and from the link page there I saw a little animation of Sandra on fire and thought I'd click the link since it was time for me to find a new comic. It has been a part of my daily schedule ever since."

Finally, on Wed Dec 03, 2008 2:33 am SleepyOrigami made his first post to what was then EGS Mayhem (now Mayhem) in the Drop something on the next poster thread. It was just a bit of silly nonsense. It read:

"Preemptively drops original meat based arms in expectation of catching shiny new stone arms.

  • Catches one of the venus de milo arms with my skull, the other continues to fall.* :gonk:"

At this point he had still never been in a RP. Mostly Sleepy played the games or asked questions in the Ask Anti-Paragon thread (formerly, and currently the Ask TingYi thread). When the EGS boards moved over to the 910cmx website during The Great Migration, SleepyOrigami was one of the Mayhemites who tried to maintain a presence in both forums. SleepyOrigami posted his RP first character bio on the 910cmx boards on Sat Jan 31, 2009. His first RP character was No One, a level 30 undead priestess for MMO RP 2.

After that, SleepyOrigami began to join other RPs. The first RP he joined on Mayhem was MKRP on Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:44 pm. His first RP character on Mayhem was Dr. Steve Frankenstone, an unfrozen mad scientist caveman who lived in a FlintStones style world alongside dinosaurs. One month later SleepyOrigami graduated college and went on to become a Chemical Engineer.

SleepyOrigami ran his first RP, SIAFR, as a GM on Wed Jun 03, 2009 6:13 am.

Characters - RP Specific

A. Rescuer - MKRP

Aoi son of Osric - Chronicles of Amber RP

Aram Fin - Dragonball Z RP

Bananette Fosters - Shecola: Crossed Stars RP

Business Man - MFPC2

Christopher Kowalski - Moperville RP 3

Dr. Finn - Beta Minnix RP

George L. Parchinson III - Anthro Academy

Igor - MKRP

Keri Keroppi - Sigil Prep RP

Lindsay Marie Poppins - Second Children

Manjū - Recidivism Institution RP

Michael Smith - Metropolis RP

Miyano Tanteidan - Shonen Hero School

Prince Phidosyrn of Twmkoplaj - Kgirl's RP Discussion

No One - MMO RP2 on 910cmx (denied from Dead_RPs_RP_Redux)

Nuri Slate - Moperville RP 3

SIAFR Sleepy & Origami - SIAFR RP

Sleepy - Mayhem: It's All For Real

Sleepy of the Sentient Paper - Images Only RP

Slif of Kreldon - Third Region RP

Dr. Steve Frankenstone - MKRP

The Ghost - You are on a boat RP

Tristan D. Gandalfr - YGATO: RP

Characters - Multi-RP


Age: 23

Gender: Male


Sleepy is a 5’4” anthropomorphic owl made out of weather resistant paper. He has both wings and arms. His paper feathers are colored like a White-faced Scops Owl. His weapon of choice is a Bat'leth.


Image of Sleepy by Drayco (wings not pictured).

Special Abilities:

He can fly and see in the dark. He has insomnia. He can fold origami models of high complexity which take on some of the properties of the objects they represent. He has a tea kettle that brews an almost infinite supply of hot tea. Sometimes he sets out snack trays (with a small warning label) which have a 1 in 3 chance of turning people who eat from them into intelligent zombies. If they don't like being zombies, he can give them the antidote, but it takes two weeks to be effective.


Sleepy is the cautious observer type. More likely to sit back and sip his tea than help out in a battle. Still, he is rather knowledgeable about sciencey things and can be useful in that capacity. He has a strong sense of humor and enjoys a good laugh. Since he is often tired he sometimes gets confused about whether what just happened was a dream or not. When he finds something interesting, he gets very excited and will attempt to explore the subject matter in as great an amount of detail as possible. He is SleepyOrigami's Aspect of Reason.


Zombie the ASCII zombie. Zombie looks like this (f O_o)f . He appears in dark green letters on a floating computer monitor with dark static as a background. Sleepy and Zombie have a rapport similar to that of Dr. Blight and Mal from the Captain Planet television series. Zombie’s program is not stored in the monitor, but in an undisclosed location safe from destruction. He’s like a computer virus in that he can “bite” other programs and turn them in to mindless shambling zombie versions of themselves willing to obey.


Age: 23

Gender: Female


Origami is a 5’4” Anthrofeline with short brown fur. She typically wears clothes similar to that of Elulu from the anime Utawarerumono. Her weapon of choice is her claws.


Image of Elulu cosplay outfit from e-Bay.

Special Abilities:

Origami has the improved strength, speed, and eyesight typical of other anthrofelines. She can project mist like thought bubbles (thought clouds) whenever she concentrates. Sometimes her eyes glow and provide her with information about what she is looking at. In the future this may lead to a "Copy-Cat" type ability. Unlike Sleepy, she only has partial and unconscious OOC awareness. Sleepy taught her the only magic spell she knows which she refers to as "the evil eye". It is a visual spell that can only be avoided by not looking her in the eyes. The effect of this spell is to render her opponent temporarily unconscious and send them into a dream of her design. As a denizen of Carrot..?, she seems to be susceptible to game-rule based logic.


Origami is the curious adventurer type. She is more likely to jump into things without knowing all the details than Sleepy. She has similar knowledge to Sleepy about science fiction type technology. She has a strong sense of humor and enjoys a good laugh. Since she is often energetic, she sometimes times has trouble staying focused and becomes distracted easily. When she finds something interesting, she gets very excited and will attempt to explore the subject matter in as great an amount of detail as possible. She is SleepyOrigami's Aspect of Wonder.


Rio the male cabbit spaceship. Rio looks like Ryo-Ohki from the Tenchi Muyo anime. Rio has two forms: Cabbit, and pointy bio-spaceship. Rio and origami get along like two peas in a pod. Rio enjoys carrots very much. The Rio spaceship form is equipped with a Star Trek style transporter and replicator system. From it widest points the Rio is about 190 FT or 63 yards (58 meters) long. It farthest vertical points are about 115 ft or 38 yards (35 meters) apart. The ship is roughly X shaped (when viewed from above) so it doesn't fill a good portion of that volume.


(f o_o)f ~"Under construction."

  • The name SleepyOrigami is a combination of his most defining characteristic, sleepiness, and one of his favorite hobbies, origami.


a dewrag, colored sleepily(which I now deem a color), and a mood ring! -PixelHead777

Infinite Bag of Dice - The kool

Scarves of Invisibility - Celtic Minstrel

I present to you a catnip mouse (blue), a ball of yarn (blue) and a Newbie Pack containing: 1 TF Gun 1 Cookie wrapped in shiny plastic 6-pack of unlabeled soda 1 dead fish 1 squirrel plushie - ChronosCat

a copy of This is how I disappear by My Chemical Romance and some sanity. A Khaoliquid. (An extremely deadly viscious killing machine that's practically indstructible) - Aeg'air

His bandages, a block of Seruna's nevermelting ice, Zen's nonexistent shirt, and Chrono's extra Bandana. - Dreestith

Say what you will!

- That I shall do! Mwahaha!

- what you will!

- has been making a lot of templates for MKRP ~Mandros

- Where's Origami's description? That girl has been popping up everywhere lately, it's about time she got a description here. ((Behold, her description now resides above. Sleepyorigami ))

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