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His Status

Book has semi migrated. While he is still semi active on Mayhem, he is currently also on dA, GITP and 910CMX. In the rare situation of one seeking to contact him, the best method would be to PM him on Mayhem. He always has a slot open for PMs, and has his PM set to send him an email when he recives a PM.


Book enjoys RPing, but no where as much as he use to. He is currently devoting all this creativity to a long term project of his, but is working on a character for magical school.

His list of Characters so far has been removed, because most of them were long gone or just very bad ideas.


Book has currently one, rarely used Muse, called Evil Box, but now considers the box a very bad idea and may never use it again.


Theopenandclosedbook gives out many gifts. He usually gives out a My Rock Plushie, a TF gun mod to shoot Fireworks, and an everlasting sketch book. He has also given out Point of View guns, Openandclosedbooks, and make you own teddy kits.

When the EGS Newbie thread moved to CMX, and Mayhem recruiting was slow, Book gave up on giving out gifts unless the newbies name inspires him.


Theopenandclosedbook has a DeviantArt account, on which he posts his webcomic Mythfits as often as he can kick his artist to work. He is currently experimenting with a few art styles, and it working on an OOTS avatar or two.

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