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Binarywraith is a bunny as well as a character in the KeenForums Metaverse.

He can be contacted via AIM at binarywraith or workwraith, depending on his current location, or by email at binarywraith at gmail dot com.

Binarywraith (Author)

Binarywraith is a datacenter operations technician for a small hosting service. As such, he is online 24/7, and usually up for converasion if not buried by work or (much more rarely) asleep.

Wraith (Character)

Wraith is a character originally from the CRFH!!! Boardieverse, however he occurs at random within the EGS Mayhem continuity as well. He seems to be some sort of incorporeal undead, although he will be the first to argue that he's not really dead. Other known powers include pulling objects from the aether, and blatantly ignoring the laws of physics.

Other Characters

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Dominic Goddard in Psion RP

Steven and Alys in the now-defunct Transgenics RP

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