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Basic Description

I used to be shy about posting, but got over it. I now post somewhat regularly and I can be found mostly in Last Post Loses!!!!!! and Last Post Wins!!!!!!!, as well as a bit in Let's Count to a Million!!!. I don’t have a single character who is not of good alignment. I come with my own blog.

As for RP activity (LPL and LPW), though I tend to only use good characters as my main characters, I have also created a few evil characters for the sake of plot. In the beginning, Vincent was an evil character. I have also introduced the Naughty Sorceress, who is not alive anymore.

Just thought I’d make this first-person, because I’m the one writing it. -Joat


TF Gun (with basic half-animal and gender forms, plus clone form of Draco, half-veron form, vampire V1, and vampire V2 (No powers))
TF Gun Kamikazi Add On
Wand of Nagamar
Chrome Staff
6-pack Unlabeled Shrink Soda (3 left)
Yet Another Can of Unlabeled Soda
Squirrel Teddy
Book of Taeri
Draco Blazer, the Talking Pet Veron (Fire-breathing, teleporting fox)


These are the characters used for Last Post Wins!!!!!!!, Last Post Loses!!!!!!, and perhaps eventually KeenFans RP 2.01. As yet, one of these characters (Joat Delia) has visited there inadvertantly for a small while before teleporting away. Other than a few of the gods, these characters all tend to cross-thread. Two of these characters (FH Joat Delia and Sylver) are from a different forum.

Note from Joat: Editing these character profiles is ill-advised if you are not me. After all, I know them best.

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