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Warning: Due to the fact that not all information about May Cottontail is known, there may be some information in here that is either false (due to people believing the said false data) or not here (due to nobody knowing the said data)
This character was created by Joat


Basic Statistics

May Cottontail
Easter Bunny
Gender: Female
Class: Qwertish wizard (Easter Variant)
Age: 10
Appearance: Pink fur with white belly. Bipedal, 2’ tall.
Special Abilities: None
Unsloved Mysteries: None
Birthplace: Enchanted Meadow
Current Home: Enchanted Meadow


May is very nice and cares much about others. She will put her life on the line to save others (or, as one red dragon found out the hard way, to prove her worth to Draco, not that she needs to do so anymore). She loves Draco very much.


May was born in the Enchanted Meadow. She lived with her father, Peter Cottontail. When she was young, she was possessed by Vincent Vailo (who, at the time, was being controlled by an evil sword) to kill ker father. This deeply traumatized her.

Years later, she met Draco Blazer. She fell in love with him, but he was just creeped out by this. She told him that she would slay a dragon to prove her love, but he did not believe that she could do this. Seeking to prove herself, she sought out a dragon in Dragonlance. She succeeded in doing so. Then Draco came by and saw May next to the body of a dead dragon. The head was twenty yards away. After that, Draco gave her a chance and he soon came to love her as she loved him.


Father: Peter Cottontail. Murdered by May when she was possessed.

May’s first appearance…

In LPW: Draco found her in Dragonlance, right next to the body of the dead dragon.

In LPL: Shortly after meeting her in Dragonlance, Draco needed to leave to LPL. Not wanting to be left behind, she used egg transport to get to LPL.

In KeenFans RP 2.01: May has never been to this thread.


Potion of Invisibility
Nine very thick Qwertish spellbooks
Many other things (nobody but she herself knows her full inventory)

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