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Warning: Due to the fact that not all information about Draco Blazer is known, there may be some information in here that is either false (due to people believing the said false data) or not here (due to nobody knowing the said data)
This character was created by Joat


Basic Statistics

Draco Blazer
Veron (Joat’s pet)
Gender: Male
Class: Calica
Age: 3
Appearance: Orange fur with white tail tip, belly, and paws.
Special Abilities: None
Unsloved Mysteries: His fur turned yellow once.
Birthplace: Wilderness
Current Home: Homeless

“I’ll be your shield, Joat. No matter what, I won’t let him hurt you!”


Draco is a very nice and cares much about others. Like Joat Delia, he will put his life on the line to save others. He is obediant to his friends, though not as blindly as Joat. He has a will of steel diamond. He is not materialistic and does not seem to care that he is homeless. Joat is his best friend and May Cottontail is his girlfriend.


Draco was born in the forest. That is all that is known about Draco before he met Joat Delia.

In the wilderness, he met Joat, who had just been teleported away from the Kingdom of Loathing. Joat did not know how to survive all alone, so Draco decided to teach him. In time, the two of them became the best of friends. It was also during this time that he and Joat gained the gift of Calica, though nobody but they themselves know how.

He and Joat finally came to the Newbie Introduction thread where Joat gained his newbie pack. Joat gave his thanks and they left the thread. Neither he nor Joat had any idea what the fish was for and, since it was still edible, he and Joat ate the fish later that night while in the wilderness.

Knowing that they could not stay at the newbie introduction thread, they moved onward. After days of travel, they finally arrived at Last Post Loses!!!!!!


As yet, nothing is known about his family.

Draco’s first appearance…

In LPL: Draco (with Joat) arrived and immediately began competing for the loss.

In LPW: After being attacked by Zangulus, Draco teleported himself and Joat to there. Joat was asleep (Calica exhaustion) and Draco was completely tired. Draco asked the people of the thread if they could spare some magical energy.

In KeenFans RP 2.01: Draco has never been to this thread.



Did You Know…?

  • The definition of “Veron” has changed greatly before Draco came to the forums. First, Verons were essentially furry and cute puffballs. They were known for having very strong willpower. Then later, I decided that Verons would look like foxes and would be able to breathe/summon/manipulate fire and resist all forms of mind control. They, like the Verons that preceded them, would have a very strong willpower. Finally, I added teleportation into the mix to make the Verons you know today.
  • I originally considered naming him “Draco Veron”.
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