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Warning: Due to the fact that not all information about Vincent Vailo is known, there may be some information in here that is either false (due to people believing the said false data) or not here (due to nobody knowing the said data)
This character was created by Joat


Basic Statistics

Vincent Vailo
Gender: Male
Class: Wizard (same type as Leon)
Age: 23
Appearance: Wears black robes. His hair is long, straight and black.
Special Abilities: None
Unsloved Mysteries: None
Birthplace: New York, NY
Current Home: Informally “lives” in LPW


Vincent is nice, but tends to say rude things at times. He cares much about others and will put his life on the line to save others. He is very easy-going. He has a will of steel.


He was possessed by a sword with a ruby-encrusted hilt (this particular sword was a Blood Blade) for quite some time. Years ago, he possessed May Cottontail and made her kill her father, Peter Cottontail. Years after that, he tried to finish the job and kill May. However, he was stopped by Leon Minnis, Pan, and Joat Delia. Soon after being defeated by that, he was summoned to the Let's Count to a Million!!! thread and tried to kill everyone there, though he was quickly destroyed by a BLOODFREEZE spell. Shortly after that, he rose from the grave, taking an army of zombies with him, and proceeded to try to kill all those inhabiting LPW (by summoning a few zombies there and going there himself) and LPL (by sending many zombies, which were quickly destroy by Joat’s “dispel undead”). That time, he had an enchantment which allowed him to quickly recover from otherwise fatal wounds. He seemed invincible. However, Joat, Leon, and Pan disenchanted the Blood Blade and Vincent was freed from possession.

After apologizing for what he had done while possessed, he joined the good side, which was where he belonged.


Brother: Leon Minnis

Vincent’s First Appearance…

In LPL: Vincent (while possessed) came there to ask where may was. He got no information.

In LPW: Vincent (while possessed), failing to get any information in LPL, came to find May.

In KeenFans RP 2.01: Vincent has never been to this thread.


Long sword with an emerald-encrusted hilt

Did You Know…?

  • “Vincent Vailo” is a name I borrowed from the antagonist of a story I’m writing. I borrowed nothing other than the name.
  • Vincent is my Ellen. No, he is neither bisexual, nor a transgender duplicate. However, he, like Ellen, was intended at first to be truly evil. However, because his evil nature seemed to unnerve the other LPW people (Notably Lomgren), I ended up making him a good guy.
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