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For the Wingies character, see Gavin Embries.

Warning: Due to the fact that not all information about Pan is known, there may be some information in here that is either false (due to people believing the said false data) or not here (due to nobody knowing the said data)
This character was created by Joat


Basic Statistics

Gender: Male
Class: Rogue, Wizard (same type as Leon), Scientist
Age: Only he himself knows…
Appearance: Bluish silver fur, three inches long.
Special Abilities: Can talk, can study very quickly (though this causes temporary mental confusion)
Unsloved Mysteries: None
Birthplace: Only he himself knows…
Current Home: Edgewood Apartments (Apartment 39), New York, NY


Pan is very nice and will put his life on the line to save others. He has a bad habit of saying the wrong things, but he tries not to. He has a will of steel. He is best friends with Leon.


Very little is known about Pan’s past. He has helped the police force and met Leon along the line. He and Leon became the best of friends.


As yet, nothing is known about Pan’s family.

Pan’s First Appearance…

In LPL: He and Leon arrived there searching for Vincent Vailo, who was possessed by the sword at the time.

In LPW: He and Leon arrived in LPW to defeat Vincent, who was possessed by the sword at the time.

In KeenFans RP 2.01: Pan has not been to this thread.



Did You Know…?

  • “Pan” was modified from the name “Hanpan”, a character from Wild Arms.
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