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Warning: Due to the fact that not all information about Joseph is known, there may be some information in here that is either false (due to people believing the said false data) or not here (due to nobody knowing the said data)
This character was created by Joat


Basic Statistics

Human God
Gender: Male
Class: Minor God of transformation
Age: Even he himself lost track…
Appearance: Tall, blond, and handsome
Special Abilities: Too many to list
Unsolved Mysteries: None
Birthplace: Unknown
Current Home: Another plane of existence

“Gah! You’re drunk!”


He is calm, but not shy about transforming others.


Being a god, there are many stories about him. As a result, no mortal knows for sure what is truth and what is fiction.


  • Sister: Sevilin, god of Calica
  • Sister: Norri, god of science

Joseph’s First Appearance…

In LPW: Norri called him to this thread after hearing about the disease ChibiVOR had made.

In LPL: Joseph has never been to this thread.

In KeenFans RP 2.01: Joseph has never been to this thread.



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