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Charas Breakout is a breakout game with physics, created by Gary Kertopermono and made in Flash. The purpose of the game is to break at least 50% of all the blocks before time has passed. There is also a Deluxe edition with some major improvements. The game was highly inspired by beta screenshots of the second installment of Earthworm Jim 2, as well as the Puppy Love levels, which were in the game.


The story

Charas is in trouble. Because of the many bitmaps uploaded to Charas the server has become more full, and the bandwidth usage is higher than normal, and since Alex doesn't have much money this is troubling. On top of that, Alex gets sucked inside the computer.


The game was made in the time when Alex posted a notification that Charas was in need of money, in order to keep Charas running. Some members figured out that using bitmaps instead of the smaller PNG and GIF files would cost Charas a lot of bandwidth. This turned out to be the base concept of a new game.


You control Alex with the direction keys, and you'll need to bounce the helmet back up. The helmet breaks the blocks of the "bitmap", which gets "uploaded" as time passes. When the image is fully loaded or you'll break every block, the level ends, and you lose if there are more than 50% is still present.

Charas Breakout: Bitmaps are EFIL

The original game was made in Macromedia Flash MX, and programming started in August 2004, and was released September 2nd in the same year. It had a total of 26 bitmaps. Further more, you could only play as Alex. The only power-ups present in the game were the Low-Grav Helmet, High-Grav helmet and Demonspeed. The latter gave the helmet an increased speed.

Glitches and bugs

There are a number of glitches and bugs present in the game.

  • When picking up the Low-Grav Helmet power-up while having Demonspeed, it can result in the helmet being launched, which can result in a few blocks in a row being broken.

Charas Breakout DX

The Deluxe edition was made right after the original was done. It was released December 24th 2006, as an early Christmas present. It had a lot of improvements over the original version, most noticably a trophy room, where newly aquired characters and bitmaps can be reviewed. It also featured new game elements like boss battles.

This was the first time the entire community was involved.

Spoiler warning: Contains details which could spoil certain elements of the subject

The characters

Charas Breakout DX had a total of 32 characters to choose from. They all had different stats.

  • Alex - Usable from the start
  • SMB - Unlocked after the score reaches 40,000
  • SaiKar - Unlocked on level 2
  • SaiKar♀ (also known as Sai'Kar) - Unlocked on level 20
  • Darkfox - Usable from the start
  • GhostClown - Usable from the start
  • FFL2and3rocks - Usable form the start
  • Red Giant - Unlocked after the score reaches 3,000
  • Kijuki Magazaki - Unlocked after the score reaches 3,500
  • GaryCXJk - Unlocked on level 4
  • Carmen - Unlocked on level 6
  • Midnight9795 - Unlocked when finishing level 5 with Babycatjuh or on level 15
  • Moosetroop11 - Unlocked after the score reaches 20,000
  • Bluhman - Unlocked after the score reaches 22,500
  • Trevlac - Unlocked when finishing level 5 with GaryCXJk or on level 15
  • Charaman - Unlocked on level 8
  • Razor - Unlocked after the score reaches 5,000
  • Warxe_PhoenixBlade - Unlocked after the score reaches 7,500
  • MrMister - Unlocked after the score reaches 10,000
  • Babycatjuh - Unlocked when finishing level 5 with Carmen or on level 15
  • X-F3R - Unlocked after the score reaches 15,000
  • Smokey_locs2006 - Unlocked after the score reaches 30,000
  • Osmose - Unlocked after the score reaches 27,500
  • Tomi - Unlocked on level 12
  • Moiledzep - Unlocked on level 14
  • Meiscool - Unlocked after the score reaches 25,000
  • RRWP - Unlocked after beating him during his boss battle, which is triggered when not dropping the helmet during a regular level
  • Pirate - Unlocked after knocking the special pirate out during the Piracy boss battle
  • Sprite - Unlocked after reaching 100% during the Sprite Love minigame
  • Bas the Bear - Unlocked when not hitting any blocks during a regular level
  • BannerGuy - Unlocked when unlocking every Charas Resource Contest banner bitmap
  • Santa - Unlocked on Christmas

Boss levels and other special levels

There are a total of two boss levels, and two special levels. The two boss levels are:

  • Virus - There are three virii, which need to be destroyed. The particles they shoot can stun the character.
  • Piracy - Five canons need to be broken. Each time a canon gets broken an extra row of pirates come up, who can block the way.

The two special levels are:

  • Sprite Love - A parody of Puppy Love and based on the Game & Watch game Fire, where you must bounce the sprites to safety. Shows up randomly after the first round.
  • RRWP's Revenge - The regular stage with RRWP. Shows up when you don't drop the helmet in the regular stages.

Also, each two levels, not counting in the special and boss stages, contain double-breakable or even non-breakable blocks.

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