Jackass Championship Wrestling

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Jackass Championship Wrestling
Last members Reilly Davidson (leader)
Ryan Stevens
Name Jackass Championship Wrestling (JCW)
Debut 2002
Program JCW Revolution
Promotion XBW Wrestling

Jackass Championship Wrestling (JCW) was a backyard wrestling stable in XBW Wrestling. The group was a separate entity conspired by the mastermind of Reilly Davidson with the agenda to bring demise to XBW. In two different eras the group was seen, they attempted raiding and procuring talent mostly from XBW to his movement, who defected to its influential force.

JCW briefly existed in Season 2 in 2002 prior to folding in the hiatus of the federation and was resurged subsequently in Season 4 around 2006 as a stable, and tag team and also held their own JCW Revolution show. JCW disbanded after claims that many members had boycotted.



Formation and Demise

On episode 1 XBW Revolution of season 2 in 2002, XBW Wrestling arose again trailing off the distressed time with the death of Nemesis. While beginning to produce online episodes opposed to their first season, XBW sought to generate interest in their product with one of their biggest inaugural storylines when in the episodic main event between War and Tommy Gunn for the XBW Championship, two members unbeknowst charged out to attack War, aiding Gunn to victoriously winning the title before he had completed his devious transformation in Reilly Davidson, enunciating his conspiracy to take the helm of XBW and destroy it, a memorable moment in the history of the federation.

Following briefly, XBW owner Deathwarrent exercised his authority by quickly stripping Davidson of the XBW Title, slashing any potential momentum JCW had to begin assuming control. As a matter of fact, JCW was badly affected by this authoritive act of power losing few of its members and rarely seen around to make any visible impact. Davidson gradually acquired the services of Shawn Hartless and tried his luck with employing the services of Ryan Stevens, who declined and was eventually beaten by Hartless for the Hardcore Title.

After Deathwarrent had won the Nemesis Memorial Cup Fatal Four Way Battle Royal at In Memory Of, he pursued to get his shot at War who latter won the XBW Championship. In the aftermath of the feud between War and Deathwarrent over the XBW Title that climaxed at episode 8 Mayhem, Deathwarrent defeated War and claimed the title, just momentarily to his appalling announcement that he was joining the JCW. In such event, Deathwarrent had defaulted his position as owner signed on to shortly by War. Not long after, XBW went on hiatus and JCW allegedly plummeted into "chapter 11 bankruptcy".

Aftermath feud

Later in season 2, Shawn Hartless had returned to the scene as did XBW. Hartless soon enlightened Tommy Gunn (alter-ego to Reilly Davidson) that he used him to secure a spot in XBW with Davidson later retorting that he was nothing to JCW, which ultimately wreaked personal combustion between the "unemployed" two including when Hartless aimed towards the affections of Gunn's girlfriend. After two matches to settle their heated altercation, at episode 19 Insomnia they competed in an XBW Contract match which Hartless won to end the feud and any word on JCW. Tommy Gunn had subsequently found a new preoccupation in becoming XBW General Manager.

The Return of JCW

Suspicions arose at the questionable behavior of Reilly Davidson in season 4 in 2006, who began engaging in private mysterious phone calls over a period of time. XBW owner Deathwarrent vowed to fathom his secrecy. On episode 20 XBW Revolution, Davidson finally revealed his plan to resurrect JCW introducing the JCW Championship and later following up impact with an ambush by 5-Point and Rabbit, unbeknowst to Deathwarrent they were part of the faction. Kavian also became another JCW member after assaulting Deathwarrent and his partner Bob Hollywood. Chris Phoenix, Bob Hollywood and Josh Dreamer eventually showed their allegiance.

For the first time, JCW posed as a considerable threat. They added to the troubles of XBW, who additionally were preoccupied with TWFX invaders, Spardis and No Fear, and received a stroke of progress when Davidson costed XBW the Hardcore Championship won by TWFX Hardcore Champion, No Fear in a Unification bout, who alleged left with the title and also as Undisputed Hardcore Champion. On episode 22 Revolution, during a confrontation between JCW and XBW, Ryan Stevens attacked Chris Phoenix and Deathwarrent, turning his back on the federation to defect to JCW, an idea initially refused back in 2002. Davidson had now sparked interest to acquire the XBW Championship to his group which was held by Reaper, who defeated Spardis controversially before he could leave with it back to TWFX. The group only solidified with the addition of The Reaper who flushed his friendship with Deathwarrent known together as Armageddon. XBW referee, Johnny Monroe also joined along screwing XBW in an 8-Man Tag match against JCW.

Now with enough groupees, Davidson soon created his own program JCW Revolution intended for the spotlight of his members (with few XBW wrestlers scheduled on the show), and on the first show, contested the JCW Championship initially won by Kavian. Dissention in the group started occuring briefly when Rabbit was booted out the faction due to losing Kavian's title stolen by Affliction. Attacks later on Josh Dreamer ensued consecutively while he earned contention for Reaper's title. When Reaper lost his title to Josh Dreamer at Decadence, and tried to capture the JCW Championship from Kavian, Davidson (as referee) showed his crooked ways and screwed Reaper in a Montreal Screwjob-esque fashion gradually leading to Reaper's exit at the height of his aggitation. The season ended with Deathwarrent winning over the JCW Title, and Ryan Stevens winning the XBW Title at Decadence.

In season 5, Davidson stripped Deathwarrent of the JCW Title and held it shortly until Reaper won it in Texas Deathmatch II between them at In Memory Of. Quite soon, Davidson announced the demise of JCW after 5-Point and Kavian gave in their notices to boycott the group leaving only Davidson and Stevens. The JCW Title, which Reaper planned to keep as a trophy to remind him of the death of JCW, was replaced with the XBW Internet Championship by XBW commishioner Shawn Hartless.

List of JCW Members

Incarnation: Notes: Members:
JCW (2003) Original incarnation in XBW Reilly Davidson, Deathwarrent, Shawn Hartless
JCW (2006) Second incarnation in XBW Reilly Davidson, Rabbit, 5-Point, Kavian, Johnny Monroe, Reaper, Ryan Stevens, Riot

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