XBW Championship

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XBW Championship
Current champion(s) Chris Phoenix
Date won March 15, 2009
Promotion XBW Wrestling
Date introduced 1999
Most reigns Deathwarrent
First champion Nemesis
Longest reign Ryan Stevens
Shortest reign Ryan Stevens

The XBW Championship or XBW World Championship is a backyard wrestling primary championship in XBW Wrestling (XBW). It is recognized for being the highest-ranked title in the federation and solely known as the XBW World Heavyweight Championship in commemoration to Nemesis. Its explicit claim to fame is crowning five time XBW Champions, Ryan Stevens and Deathwarrent.



The XBW Championship was introduced with Nemesis as the inaugural pre-existing champion during the iteration of XBW in season 1 in 1999. Since Nemesis passed away, it became solely considered the XBW World Heavyweight Championship in commemoration to him and his reign. In season 2, Deathwarrent won the title and shortly defected to Jackass Championship Wrestling before the season went on hiatus along with the demise of the JCW. Within the same season, the championship entered a 24/7 one-time only extravaganza, where the title changed hands four times, one time which Ryan Stevens became champion for 23 seconds, the shortest reign in XBW history.

In season 3, while Spardis paid visit to XBW from Total Wrestling Federation Xtreme to kayfabe take down Jesse James in defiance, he had usurped the championship belt. At that time, Ryan Stevens carried a reign that eventually lasted 16 episodic events as the longest unrivalled reign. During season 4 in the return of Spardis after failing to achieve the XBW Title in a match against Stevens in his trip to XBW in season 3, he officially won it at episode 19 Hotter Than Hell from Stevens, marking the first time an outsider was crowned champion as he attempted to take it back to TWFX located in Minnesota. However, he was stopped by Reaper, who cashed in his Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal opportunity achieved at In Memory Of that opportuned him to gun after any title of his choosings anywhere and at any time. In season 5, Deathwarrent won the championship at Total Chaos to possess the most reigns.

On March 15, 2009, a Triple Threat match between Ryan Stevens, Chris Phoenix and Deathwarrent for the XBW Title was held in a building, the first time the belt was ever defended and contested outside XBW Wrestling.

Championship holders

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The current champion is Chris Phoenix, who is in his third reign. He won the title by defeating Ryan Stevens and Deathwarrent in an Triple Threat match at an indoor locality on March 15, 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland outside of XBW Wrestling. Throughtout XBW, there have been 12 different champions. Nemesis began as the inaugural champion in 1999 during the premiere of the federation. Ryan Stevens has reigned with the championship for the longest period of 16 episodic events and the shortest reign at 23 seconds. Also, Deathwarrent has held the most reigns with the XBW Title at 6.


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