Ryan Stevens

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Ryan Stevens
Ring name Ryan "The Icon" Stevens
Billed height 5'9
Billed weight 240 lbs.
Born Maryland
Resides Maryland
Billed from San Antonio, Texas
Debut 1999

Ryan Stevens, originally known as ring name The Icon before fully known as Ryan "The Icon" Stevens, was an American backyard wrestler competing in the backyard wrestling league, XBW Wrestling (XBW) before under the invasive faction of Jackass Championship Wrestling (JCW).

He is recognized for being the longest reigning and 5 time holder of the XBW Championship including being an established XBW Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion having held the XBW Championship, XBW Maryland Championship, XBW Internet Championship and initially, the XBW Tag Team Championship with Nemesis.

His backyard career began in 1999 with the premiering XBW in his childhood years among his real life allies Deathwarrent, The Reaper, Nemesis, Chris Phoenix, Tommy Gunn and War, who are collectively known with the inclusion of Stevens himself as part of the notable XBW Originals.


Backyard wrestling tenure

XBW Wrestling (1999-present)

1999-2001: Season 1

In the fall of 1999, a youth in The Icon began performing during the initiation of XBW Wrestling, which then was offline. On episode 1 of the first season on then-flagship show XBW Inferno, he battled against War in a contender's match for the XBW Maryland Championship, which he lost. From there, he still inexplicably catapulted to challenge XBW Maryland Champion, Deathwarrent, despite the earned victory by War. However, The Icon came up short in his efforts.

The Icon became relentless to gain possession of the XBW Championship from Nemesis, failing to initially accomplish his intention in a Last Man Standing match on XBW Revolution, (a show which eventually debuted and alternated with Inferno) and later a 30 Minute Iron Man match. At episode 5 Hardcore Haven, The Icon prevailed in attaining the title to mark his first reign after finally defeating Nemesis. However, the championship was later lost when beaten by Deathwarrent in a Triple Threat I Quit match. His attempts were futile trying to regain it.

He halted going after the title and instead formed an alliance with Nemesis known as The Lost Boyz, who succeeded in their dominant path by becoming first-ever XBW Tag Team Champions. They boded as champions until the retirement of the titles which occured near to Season 1 conclusion as Stevens also won the XBW Hardcore Championship from Chris Phoenix before XBW went on hiatus in which during that time, the horrendous bicycle accident and death of Nemesis greatly affected the federation.

2003-2005: Season 2

In 2003, during the season return with XBW Revolution their new sole flagship program, The Icon remaining Hardcore Champion (on 24/7 ruling) after the long hiatus, defeated Psycho in his first season match, and thereafter, acted as a belligerent title defender. At episode 2 XBW In Memory Of, he participated in a tributed memorial supercard to Nemesis losing out last in an Nemesis Memorial Cup Fatal Four Way Elimination Battle Royal. He also shortly proceeded to lose his Hardcore Title to Shawn Hartless the next episode following an ambush after a successful open challenge match against Psycho. The next episode, he also lost for the XBW Title against champion War.

With the influential stance of Jackass Championship Wrestling led by Reilly Davidson arising with the mastermind to raid and destroy XBW, The Icon loyally stood his ground in defense of the federation. XBW ran actively until episode 9 which was the final show until a year later, in turn, phasing out storylines and birthing new characters.

At episode 10 XBW Labor Day Bash in XBW's return in 2004, The Icon redebuted introducing a revelation of change to persona as an arrogant and bold individual who held the newly incorporated XBW Internet Championship despite not winning it. There, he attacked an egotistical Hartless who claimed he was above him and the roster that resulted in a match, where he suffered a loss to Hartless in a non-title match at the event.

On episode 12 XBW Revolution, the belt was won by War, however, War decided to drop the title back to The Icon in favor of the primary championship. At XBW Final Revolution, after defending with success his Internet Title against Chris Phoenix, The Icon became the first-ever double champion rolling up Deathwarrent and winning the XBW Championship during its one-time 24/7 rule process, but it was only for 23 seconds before Deathwarrent regained it.

At episode 14 XBW In Memory Of, The Icon competed in 3 matches, the first aligning with The Alliance to combat CWF's Alliance of Violence in a Tag Team Elimination match (with designated intervals for entrances) where Deathwarrent inadvertently nailed him with a chair to cause his elimination, and essentially, further ignite a feud. The Icon would exact a measure of payback and later in the show formed a companion in Big J Galvin (later known as Jesse James) after an interference by Deathwarrent during their bout. By the end of the event, The Icon won the 2nd annual Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal.

On episode 16 XBW Revolution, The Icon and Jesse James appeared in a video package claiming themselves the newly formed EZ Money Krew, with James stating to be number one and The Icon, number two of the group, both equally planning to take over. Inevitably, EZ Money Krew feuded with The Alliance and at XBW Insomnia defeated them in a Handicap Tag match with the addition of Adam Webb to their pair.

Soon, The Icon started his feud with Shawn Hartless, who he lost the Internet Title to on episode 20 XBW Revolution. Prompted to adopt a new brash, egocentric attitude, he altered his name to Ryan Stevens (also later referred to as Ryan "The Icon" Stevens). A rematch at episode 23 XBW Hardcore Haven was equivalent in result.

2005-2006: Season 3

2006-2007: Season 4

2007-2008: Season 5

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Angel's Wings
    • Mission City Stretch
  • Signature moves
    • Last Rites
    • Last Call
    • Million Dollar Dream
    • Blue Thunder Bomb
    • Overhead Belly to belly suplex
    • T-Bone suplex
    • Northern lights suplex
    • Cradle suplex
    • Fisherman suplex
  • Signature foreign object
    • Steel chair
  • Signature taunts
    • Cockily poses with both hands upward and out to his side as if saying "just look at me, I'm awesome"
  • Signature quotes
    • "I'm awesome, bitch"
  • Nicknames
    • The Icon
  • Entrance Theme
    • "Before I Forget" by Slipknot
    • "What You Deserve" by The Exies

Championships and accomplishments

  • XBW Year End/Fan Voted Awards
    • Season 3 Feud of the Year (2005) - vs. Jesse James
    • Season 4 Trademark Finisher of the Year (2006) - Angel's Wings

Personal life

See also

  • The Lost Boyz
  • EZ Money Krew
  • JCW

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