XBW Internet Championship

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XBW Internet Championship
Last champion(s) The Reaper
Date won Season 5, Episode 7 (2008)
Promotion XBW Wrestling
Date introduced Season 4, Episode 10 (2004)
Most reigns Ryan Stevens
Shawn Hartless
The Reaper (tied at 1)
First champion Ryan Stevens
Longest reign Ryan Stevens
Shortest reign N/A

The XBW Internet Championship was a short-lived online appealing backyard wrestling championship in XBW Wrestling (XBW). The belt had only been held on four different occassions by three wrestlers. It was retired near the end of Season 2 for the XBW Maryland Championship.



Final champion

The final champion was Shawn Hartless, who achieved his first and only reign. He won the title by defeating The Icon at Hardcore Haven in Baltimore, Maryland on Episode 23 of Season 2.

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