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Ring name Nemesis
Real name Charles Michael Parrott
Height 6'1
Weight 190 lbs.
Born December 9, 1983
Glen Burnie, Maryland
Died March 28, 2001
Glen Burnie, Maryland
Debut 1999

Charles Michael Parrott (December 9, 1983 - March 28, 2001) better known as Nemesis and original Mr. XBW, was a backyard wrestler and the founder of XBW Wrestling. Nemesis was one of the XBW Originals of Reaper, Ryan Stevens, Deathwarrent, War, Chris Phoenix, and Tommy Gunn during the debut of the federation back in 1999 and wrestled in the very first season becoming the inaugural XBW Tag Team Champion with Stevens (as Lost Boyz) and 2 time XBW Champion, regarded exceptionally as the XBW World Heavyweight Champion in commemoration of his memory.

His wrestling influences derived from Triple H and Undertaker, two of his favorite professional wrestlers. Nemesis was believed by his pairs to carry the spirit and attitude of XBW as the eldest at time mirroring a WWE attitude era style. On March 28, 2001, a tragic road accident claimed his life at 17.



XBW Wrestling (1999-2001)

Season 1

Nemesis founded XBW Wrestling (then Xtreme Backyard Wrestling) in the fall of 1999 and vowed along his brother Deathwarrent that provided such happened to one of them, the other would take over which reached a consensus. Nemesis entered the first season that was offline as the pre-existing XBW Champion, without factually earning it but was officially recognized as the first ever champion. Undertaker was one of his highest idols and he adapted his American Badd Ass gimmick. He began defending his title fending it off from the target of Ryan Stevens (The Icon then) in a Last Man Standing match and 30 Minute Kick Ass match until episode 6 Hardcore Haven, where he finally lost the title to The Icon in a Texas Death match. Later, he worked up to receive a shot for the championship again, but lost which eventually saw him partner with The Icon as Lost Boyz.

Around this time, Nemesis began feuding with his brother Deathwarrent in a memorable brother versus brother rivalry over who was "Mr. XBW" escalating as it lasted near the end of the season, engaging in the earliest vicious matches in the federation. The team of Lost Boyz existed as a dominant duo and went on to win the XBW Tag Team Championship against War, Venom and Armageddon in a 3 Way Ladder match to achieve the feat of becoming the first ever champions. After Nemesis later recaptured the XBW Title, The Icon aimed for his title again but he overcame him. Nemesis also took on a deranged silver masked character named Titan, terrorizing ones in his pathway. By the end of the season, his brother Deathwarrent had attained ownership as XBW went on hiatus.


Parrott road his bicycle down a Glen Burnie intersection and collided with three oncoming vehicles on March 28, 2001 according to county police. After transported to the North Arundel Hospital, he was pronounced dead at 8:38 pm. Following investigation, it became clear Parrott was riding his bike south in the right-turn lane on Ritchie Highway when he approached the intersection of 8th Avenue about 8:10 pm.


This fatal incident occured while XBW had taken a hiatus down in season one, and was coincidental to the deal him and his brother made before XBW came about. The loss distressed the entire family and up until 2003 did XBW resume. As a result, the federation was eternally based on his memory after the tragic event and XBW created the annual flagship spectacle In Memory Of to honour his memory and his reputation as a highly meaningful individual amongst friends and family.

Before the end of the event, each winner of a Battle Royal devoted to him would be rewarded with the Nemesis Memorial Cup which was actually in the form of a trophy and in later episode, a memorial video package was featured at the conclusion. Deathwarrent, his brother, reasonably won the first annual followed by many more such as Ryan Stevens, Tommy Gunn, Reaper and Chris Phoenix, notably known as the XBW Originals.

XBW ownership was shared in storyline between few who became interim owners. Although realistically the federation belonged to Deathwarrent, it mostly remained a collaborative effort until its demise. Deathwarrent throughout the seasons of the federation cited himself on episodes as Mr. XBW, a storyline battle that went unfinished with Nemesis. However, Nemesis is recognized as the original Mr. XBW and has also been inducted as an XBW Legend and will also be inducted into the BYWpedia Hall of Honour.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Chokeslam to Hell
    • Clothesline from Hell
    • High Knee
  • Signature taunts
    • Comes out and spits water above
  • Entrance theme
    • When Worlds Collide by Powerman 5000

Championships and accomplishments


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