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TWFX Wrestling
Acronym TWFX
Established Late 90s (exact year not known)
Founders No Fear, Slash, and Draco
Owner Bloodstain
Style Athletic and technical wrestling
Wrestling Base Mattress

Trampoline (formerly)

Location Minnesota
Formerly Trampoline Wrestling Federation Xtreme
External links TWFX's Official Facebook

TWFX Wrestling (formerly Trampoline Wrestling Federation Xtreme) was a backyard wrestling organization based in Minnesota which later became allied and associated with the Maryland-based XBW Wrestling. TWFX was founded in the late 90s by No Fear, Slash, and Draco. TWFX filmed six seasons worth of episodes before finally disbanding in mid-2008. As of right now, the rest of Season 6 has yet to be released online.

While TWFX existed independently, the organization decided to first interfere, and then later partner with their rivals in XBW. Multiple members from TWFX were featured in matches pitted against XBW's finest.

Hosting areas were a problematic matter for TWFX causing many relocations and loss of talent due to travel complications. Soon enough, video progress slowed drastically during the days XBW saw decline as well. Eventually, TWFX quietly faded away as along with XBW.

TWFX have yet to "send it off right" by having one final event with the original members.

TWFX Alumni:

- Bloodstain - Damien - Draco - Guilty Murdah - Gustavo - King D - Kronik - Kujo - Lyrisis - Meute - Mimic - No Fear - Raptor - Slash - Spardis - Squizan - Stallman - Stilla Killa - Tank - Twin K - Wildfire - Xero

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