XBW Revolution

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XBW Revolution
Format Backyard wrestling
Created by Deathwarrent
Directed by Various XBW wrestlers
Starring XBW Wrestling
Country of origin United States
Camera setup One camera setup
Running time 20 mins. to 1 hr. (varied)
Source Online upload
Original run Sea.2, Epi.1 (2003) - Sea.5 (2008)

XBW Revolution was the primary online episodic uploaded broadcast produced by Maryland based backyard wrestling federation, XBW Wrestling. Revolution was independently packaged and distributed for download on XBW's website, and was apart of the chronology of season episodes which built to supercards.

The program was taped in Maryland in many backyard residencies and first set to be uploaded on a weekly basis. Episode 8 of Season 2, the federation officially debuted a Revolution intro. XBW fell behind in progress and its not clear whether shows were recorded week-by-week since there were several long upload delays. The show existed between Season 2, episode 1 in 2003 up until Season 5 in 2008.


The Inception

Following the untimely death of the XBW creator Nemesis in 2001, XBW took an extended 2 year hiatus. In 2003, Revolution replaced Inferno, which was originally known as XBW's main show. The initial episode featured a total of 2 matches that were Psycho facing The Icon for the XBW Hardcore Championship and War facing Chris Phoenix for the XBW Maryland Championship. Before the conclusion, XBW plotted the beginning of one of their biggest storylines being the invasion of separate rival entity Jackass Championship Wrestling (JCW). Moreover, the execution of the storyline although effective to some extent, was underdeveloped and JCW had only lasted short term.

Another hiatus came after episode 9 that lasted a year. Before then, the surface for wrestling the federation used were from ground, to trampoline and in their return, switched to mat, that they found comfortable with permanently. XBW seemed more like a group of youth friends having social enjoyment, however, episodes became directed in a more organized fashion thereafter.

Management shifts and commishioners

JCW Revolution spinoff

Episode format



Recurring segments

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