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Ring name Rabbit
Height 5'2
Weight 115 lbs.
Born Maryland
Resides Baltimore, Maryland
Debut 2006

Rabbit was an American backyard wrestler in Maryland-based federation XBW Wrestling. Known for having a miniature stature and arguably being the shortest competitor in XBW, Rabbit during his tenure became a 1-time XBW Maryland Champion and 1-time XBW Tag Team Champion. He also for brief periods managed EZ Money Krew and The Family, and became a part of JCW as well as formed a short-lived team with Volcano known as The Varsity.


Backyard wrestling tenure

XBW Wrestling

Season 4 (2006-2007)

Rabbit first appeared in Season 4, Episode 2 introduced as the manager of the EZ Money Krew, easily the object of tease for his miniature stature. He was also a participant in the Chris Phoenix Gauntlet match on the same episode indicating a possible wrestler role. Rabbit briefly accompanied Jesse James and Ryan Stevens to their matches while they were embroiled in a rivalry with Armageddon (Deathwarrent and Reaper) which switched to individual altercations with Chris Phoenix and Shawn Hartless phasing Rabbit quickly out as manager as he became absent for a couple episodes.

Rabbit unsuccessfully competed in a Battle Royal at Mayhem in his return and became the manager of The Family briefly. After prevailing over a heavily losing Jerico Drum on episode 16, Rabbit introduced his trusty bodyguard known as 5-Point envisaging a singles run after burning his bridges with EZ Money Krew and The Family on the account of disloyalty. Eventually, he started carrying around a black bat and got dubbed “The Underdog”.

Later accosted by the Reilly Davidson circa the time of his conspiracy revealed in the rebirth of faction JCW, Rabbit and 5-Point accepted Davidson’s offer to join within their betrayal of XBW by attacking owner Deathwarrent. Conspicuously, a new hair coloration was adopted by Rabbit to suit the black and purple signature colors of the stable. They followed the group in their battle to eliminate XBW from existence, but this ended shortly when rabbit was accused and physically booted by his groupmates including 5-Point for arming Affliction with their JCW Championship. Reinstated by Deathwarrent to the XBW roster, he normalized his hair color and entered a feud with his former bodyguard into episode 31 Decadence in a Hardcore match which he lost.

Rabbit later won a tag team handicap match on episode 32 Revolution for the vacated XBW Tag Team Championship defeating Ryan Stevens and Davidson due to interference by Josh Dreamer. Since Volcano was his scheduled partner who was assaulted pre-match, it became fitting that Rabbit and Volcano joined together as tag team champions to consolidate as short-lived team, The Varsity. The Varsity quickly lost the titles to Affliction at episode 35 Valencrimes.

Season 5 (2007-2008)

With the new season in, Rabbit was pit to challenge 5-Point for his Maryland Championship, such match he was victorious to become the new champion at In Memory Of 5 that concluded in an interpretation of sportsmanship.

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