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XBW In Memory Of is a backyard wrestling supercard event and season episode produced annually and seasonally by XBW Wrestling (XBW). It is considered as the flagship supercard of XBW, with five editions of the episodic spectacular produced within four seasons with two in the second season annually separated.

The event is the center-stage which concentrates on dedicating to their fallen founder and leader, Nemesis, commemorating his memory by holding a Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal before the end of the event, rewarding the victor with the Nemesis Memorial Cup and the entitlement to pursue any championship of choice.

In Memory Of was introduced in Season 2, Episode 2 in 2003, two years following the death of Nemesis which at that time, XBW returned from a two year hiatus due to emotional trauma to resurrect. With that event being the inaugural of the dedicative series, XBW produced their final on Season 5, Episode 3 in 2008.



XBW In Memory Of was the flagship showcase of XBW, designated for commemorating Nemesis, who was factually behind opening the organization. The festivities at the event included a Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal, where the winner was rewarded the Nemesis Memorial Cup trophy and opportuned to challenge for any given championship of choice. The inaugural edition of In Memory Of only hosted 2 matches and was held in Season 2, Episode 2 around 2003 following two years of the deceased Nemesis and into the introduction of the second season. XBW, originally a federation without web exposure, had began uploading their episode to their website. The main event of In Memory Of 1 was between Deathwarrent, Tommy Gunn, The Icon, and Reaper contending in the first and only Nemesis Memorial Cup Fatal that was a Fatal Four Way Elimination match. Deathwarrent proceeded to win the first Nemesis Memorial Cup. Also, future events went on to hold a Battle Royal when more wrestlers were acquired.

In 2004, XBW had taken a hiatus and resumed. Still in Season 2, Episode 15, XBW hosted the second annual, In Memory Of 2 which was in the same season as the first. At this event, XBW grew off the success of the interest generated online by the invasion angle by Championship Wrestling Federation that witnessed appearances from HSK, Train Wreck, and Crow who participated in a Tag match against XBW superstars. The main event Nemesis Memorial Cup battle Royal saw The Icon in prevalent. In 2005, the third output, In Memory Of 3 was presented in Season 3, Episode 2. There, in the Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal, Vengeance made a return to XBW action to avenge his own burial conducted by The Reaper and as a result, won the match. The 2006 In Memory Of 4 showcased an hellacious feud ignited between Shawn Hartless and Ryan Stevens and the event culminated with The Reaper being victorious in the Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal. At In Memory Of 5, the final under the series, Reaper engaged in Texas Deathmatch II with Reilly Davidson which was a follow up to their first in Season 3, Stevens longingly defeated Hartless for the first time in XBW in a back-to-back In Memory Of match and Chris Phoenix became the last Nemesis Memorial Cup battle Royal winner.

Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal match

Annually when XBW showcased this tribute event, the Nemesis Memorial Cup trophy was rewarded to the victor of the main event featuring a Nemesis Memorial Battle Royal occuring, crowning one victorious with the Nemesis Memorial Cup. In the battle royal, two participants began the match and the rest of entrants enter at designated intervals - two minutes spaced per entry - as the entrants enter at specific numbers. These numbers were handpicked starting with In Memory Of 2 but were not for the third and fifth events. However, with the entries despite handpicked, they are factually pre-determined by "booking committee" as in any wrestling sport. After all participants have entered, the only way to eliminate an opponent is by pinfall or submission and the last man standing is the decisive winner.

Dates, venues and main events

Event Date City Main event
In Memory Of 1 (Season 2) Season 2, Episode 2
Deathwarrent defeated The Icon, Tommy Gunn, and The Reaper in a Nemesis Memorial Fatal Four Way match
In Memory Of 2 (Season 2) Season 2, Episode 15
The Icon wins the Nemesis Memorial Battle Royal
In Memory Of 3 (Season 3) Season 3, Episode 02
Vengeance wins the Nemesis Memorial Battle Royal Royal
In Memory Of 4 (Season 4) Season 4, Episode 03
The Reaper wins the Nemesis Memorial Battle Royal
In Memory Of 5 (Season 5) Season 5, Episode 03
Chris Phoenix wins the Nemesis Memorial Battle Royal

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