New look leaves compatibility errors

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for some reason, of which we do not know at this time. there seems to be a problem displaying certain features of this website on internet explorer. if the create account/login option appears top left and the sidebar appears to have interlocked with the logoo then you have one of the browser effected. this has only seriouslt happened since we have introduced our new look, black wiki. if you have Internet explorer then we seriously recomend you get firefox or some other browser as internet explorer has issues displaying the css of many sites. most sites have a css hack for internet explorer which we dont have, as soon as we get the correct code for internet explorer users we will update our css and html codes. thank you.

please post a massage on our comments board or go back to the main page

Code completed

We have now finished, re-writing that code. IE still displays wrong but you can now see where you are going. which is good when it is picth black, laugh out loud. Admin 11:20, 26 November 2006 (EST)

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