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Welcome To Gamedatawiki, The Free Service For Game Lovers

welcome to my new site Gamedatawiki, you can refer to me as admin although i prefer to be referred to as Beckwith. This website was a long time in construction but i finally got it up and running. what you see here is a wiki, just like all the other wikis you have come across, anyone who if familiar with wikis know that it is free to use and accounts are free for however long you want. The Wiki language is a special text a lot more simplified than HTML and needs no registering (in many cases). it enables you to edit anything on the website that is not blocked. wiki means rapidly in the Hawaiian language, you can make up your own mind as to what that means wiki sites would be like. wiki can also refer to the software needed to run it (wiki engines).

Latest gamedatawiki news

Gamedatawiki locked for 3 weeks

Vandals cause increased security

New look leaves compatibility errors


At last we have a forum. To view it click here

We now have a wikigames area to play word based games against other gamedatawiki users. just click the link and have fun. now with more features

have you ever had a great idea for a game? post them on the ideas board and get recognized. maybe even get your game made, you never know

We also now have a cheats zone. tell everyone about glitches, tricks, or cheats that you know that you thought was funny or help you complete that annoying level which you got stuck on


Weakness in PS3 compatibility found go to playstation 3 for more info

we are all excited over the release of the next generation games consols, but which one is best? the XBox 360, Nintendo Wii or sonys Playstation 3. read the articles and decide for yourself.

Games in the news

we will not be held responsible for the content of external sites

Nintendo debut for UK customers

Nintendo hails Wii success

Wii pits the fun back into gaming

Problems with Xbox video service

Click review the PS3

Nintendo hopes they will fight off sony and Microsoft

A guide to the Wii

American gamers get PS3

game news in brief

this website is completed devoted to giving you the best and the most accurate information on any computer game ever made, at this time there are very few games on our database so we would be very grateful if you would spend the time telling us what you know about some games (and we don't mean signing up, just create a new page on this site) to get our database as good as possible.

this website is 100 percent free and requires no signing up and no knowhow of complicated html. with this website you can finally tell the world about those games that you found on the internet that no-one else has ever heard of. or if you want you can rant about some off the games you have made, or won in convincing way. who knows maybe one day we will have a competition who got the best score in a certain game

if you would like to edit a page just click the edit page tab at the top of the screen, it is that simple. no need for a degree in rocket science for you to create your own pages or edit current ones. you will even have the option for more help, just click editing help on this link or anywhere on the link given underneath your editing window.

for information on how to create a new wiki page follow this link: How to create a wiki page, or for detailed information on making a easy eye-catching wiki then click editing help on the side bar, or click this link editing help, you can also create one of the Requested pages just by clicking the link, then clicking the one of the red links on the page.

now you are ready to make your own wiki pages on this site, but if you want to practice first please go to our sandbox and edit away like you would any other page, a good page to put your links to is some pages just click the link then place 2 braces around the name of your new artical in the one that already exists, like this [[ ]]

any comments about this site, and any recommended improvements are welcome, just post them on the comments board: comments or you can speak to me in real time on qunu. and type gamedatawiki, i will not be on there 24/7 so if you don't see me there then just type a message on the comments board


sorry to nag, there are however two rules on this site.

  • no offensive content is allowed
  • no added media (pictures, video, music) is allowed partly due to copyright and partly due to our upload limit set for us by editthis.

I hope that you like this site and these rules do not limit your high expectations of us.

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