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unforunatly this game is no longer available on any website and there is no information on its return. you can still read and edit this artical though.

roberto baggio magical kicks is a incredibly difficult online free kick simulator. it is quite possibly the greatest time waster since records began. its worst feature is also its best, the fact that it is so diffilcult, this and virtually this on its own make it incredibly addictive. you get to take control of the italian striker of the same name and get to choose the hieght, direction, power and curve of your free kick - possibly taking the wind direction into account - and then you just sit back and relex while you watch your free kick sail miles over the crossbar (like the italian striker), Or bounce of the wall of defenders if your lucky. Or, if you're really lucky, you might be able to get it on target for the goalie to pull of the impossible save. roberto baggio then offers some possitive critism to try and help you on your next kick - in both Italian and English - you just click and you have to do it all again. to score you can use this method - i have seen it work - or you can actually try to guide your free kick, just remember the more curl you place on the ball the further away from your originally choosen direction the ball will go.

what do i think

this game is incredibly addictive, and for a internet game the graphics are quite impressive. the replay functions are very useful for showboating and you get a sense of achievment every time you score, especially when it flys towards the incoming stiker to hit the bullet header into the top corner

rating: 7/10

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