Simulation games

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A simulation game, or sim game, is a genre of game that uses a mixture of chance, skill, and strategy to simulate certain experiences in life, whether it be normal everyday things or something that never happens to most people, such as a selling stock in the stock exchange or driving a car. simulation computer games are a wide genre covering titles such as MS Flight Simulator, SimCity, Civilization and The Sims. Some simulation games simulate the real world; others intend to simulate a fictional world; while others try to do both, with differing success.

Online games

Online simulation games can be eigther browser based games or Multiplayer Online Games, multiplayer online games usually require you to download software to your computer before you can login and start playing, although some enable you to do this via your browzer window. the most successful online multiplayer games can get millions of hits every day and can raise a lot of money for the businnesses invovled

Table-top and computer simulation games

before the modern day computer everyone who wanted to play a simulation game would do so by using pen and paper. they would draw maps on paper, and cardboard counters or metal figures would represent the characters or military units. this way, although only a few people could play at the same tim, was very popular and would require the induvidualls to resolve any problems not in the rules. it was also popular as there is no "winners" at the end, meaning it was possible to only have one team, and therefore no winners or losers.

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