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Line rider (and now line flyer), is still in its early stages (still in beta), it is a flash game developed by *fsk and is available on the deviant art website, it is highly rated but needs more tools to play with.

The idea is that you draw a line on the screen and whack the play button, you then see some poor guy race down it (and usually to his death) on his sled. you can do flips, jumps and hoops (which are harder) as well as a host of other things. Fsk has said that he will be working hard getting the game to be as good as it can be.

Line flyer

Line flyer is a game developed to compete with line rider and is a very similar type of game. In line flyer you have a poor little guy (as in line rider) and he races down the line that you draw, however, there is a differance. This game has the guy riding down on a faster motorbike, this gives you the chance to get more air time, faster drops, bigger hopes and a lot more. however the game itself can, at times, run very slowly. this ruins it for me and for many other people.

What do i think

for me, line rider has the status for being the original, and that along with the fact that at this time it plays a lot better than line flyer is enougth to make this game far superior to line flyer. if they got the site to play faster though there is no doubt in my mind that line flyer would be the better game

Current rating: line rider = 8/10 line flyer = 6/10

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