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pong is tagged as bieng the first ever "computer game". so simple and yet addictive, it still amazes people in its own forms, mainly as newer versions of the clasic 1972 product.

the game, owned and made by atari was originally played on a standared tv set in a white cabbinett as the original pong stand shows. the game, now in the public domain for around 35 years has captured the hearts and minds of more than 5 million people. the game, simply a early simulation of table tennis, in which two rectangles (acting as the rackets) move up and down the screen hitting a white square (acting as the ball) to each other, when one racket misses the ball the other player wins a point.

the original idea was was concieved by ralph baer and pantented his idea immediatly. after he made his first pong, proper he pitched his idea to magnavox, one of the leading tv makers of the day. magnovox were convinced that such as product as a tv and game in one would sell so much more tv sets they joined forces with baer and less than a year later they released the Odyssey 1TL200 which was to be of use at home.

what do i think

as a game it is a classic and will never be replaced. for me it was a shame that atari cocked up the patenting and therefor only one in every five of the original games were actually made by them. still, with that put aside pong is a absolute joy to play and will always be in my heart, as it will all games fans, for for the rest of my life.

rating: 10/10

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