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hi this is wikigames. make a new text based game to play via this wiki by adding a link to it on this page. or just add new posts to current ones. some work like forums but some are games against the computer that you dont post messages for. forum style games have a F others have a C. this is just a selection of games that we have made so far, we hope to bring you more games all the time so any game tagged with a M is games that have not been made but will be soon.

first - last letters game - F - each new word has to start with the first letter bieng the last letter of the previous word. confused? your not the only one

the never ending sentance - F - each new post adds one word to the previous word. making a secntance that never ends.

your banned - F - ban the person above you in the wiki. stupid but fun

the person below - F - what is the next person going to be like.

guess the game - F - someone picks a game. you try and guess what one. works like hangman without the guy on the side

YUM or YUCK - F - you say a stupid food the next person will say YUM or Yuck and post a new food

Who's Who - F - post a message about the person above, yourself and the person below (whos not there yet)

EvilWikiGame (Beta) - C - play along as you see the wiki get angry when you press the links. add your own insults when you are finished but please, no swearing

The Maze (Beta) - C - find your way through the maze without getting eaten or lost, good luck.

chessmaster physcic game - C - find out your true self and find out why that makes you like a certain chess piece (no knowledge of chess needed)

CraigDavid game - F - name a celebrity who has two first names like Craig David for example.

tell us your views on this and ideas for improvements in the comments board

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