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The Xbox 360 is already available and has took the world by storm. When nintendo and sonys equivenlent consols come available is it still going to rule above the others? please add any more infomation or opinions if you want.

the consols

Playstation 3 - sonys next gen console has been delayed a lot, some people think this means that the console will be better when it becomes available. what did we find out about it?

XBox 360 - already out, does it deserve the right to rule over wii and PS3? Microsoft will obviously think so but is that true?

Nintendo Wii - funny name but is nintendos newest console the most ridiculous of the three? we dont think so. we do, however, believe they should have stuck with Revolution.

Which one is Best

Click the link to get our views (and the gamedatawiki communities views) on the consols and decide which next generation console is best

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