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The Devils Playground is a specialist match conceived by Monday Night Massacre General Manager at the time Rocco Ross, first announced on the May 5th episode of Massacre. The first match of its kindtoook place at the Eye For An Eye Pay-Per-View and the words of Ross himself (with slight modifications so it makes sense):

Rocco Ross' sketch of The Devils Playground structure

"The Devils Playground is a just like a normal Cage match... but you will have 6 superstars in the ring and they will be confined in a cage but what is over the cage is nothing but pure steel. You see there is going to be a steel dome which will cover the ring and the cage, and the only way you can win this match is if you climb over the cage and you drop down to the dome floor and then you have to climb the dome. But it wont be easy because the only way to escape the dome is through the hole at the very top which is 30 feet above the ring, and surrounding that hole will be fencing which will cause an electric shock if you touch it. You say that may be simple, well not really because the outside of the dome will be filled with weapons of the superstars choice and you can use whatever weapon you want once on the outside of the cage."


In the weeks leading up to the match each competitor was announced one by one, and on the May 19th edition of Monday Night Massacre the last of the six was added to the match. The Devils Playground participants included:

Johnny Relentless
Mr McMahon
AJ Styles
Kevin Kompiler
James Manson

AJ Styles later went on to escape the Devil's Playground and win the match, becoming the first victor of this stipulation match in DXX history.

The Return

In mid February, Mayhem needed a main event for the vacant DXX Universe Championship, Lucas Mitchell later announced in a surpirse turn of events that the Playground would return this time featuring the likes of Kevin Kompiler, Santino Marella, Cody Lawrence, Asylum and Chris Jericho. This match would take place at Dead On Arrival

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