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RSW World Championship
2z829sx.jpg RSW General Manager, Mr Loco with the RSW World Championship
Current Champion: Zack Barron
Date Won: December 2011
Event: Exodus 2011

The Red Star Wrestling (often abbrievated to RSW) World Championship is the biggest championship in not only RSW but possibly even the whole of British backyard wrestling. Although the World Championship wasn't the first championship introduced to RSW (see RSW Light Heavyweight Championship) it is undoubtably the most prestigious. The first RSW World Championship match took place at RSW's first ever Free-Per-View, Hell or High Water. This match was an oven-tray match contested between RSW veterans Lewis Blue and Chris Clash to determine the first ever RSW World Champion. Lewis Blue picked up the victory from that RSW Classic and became the first ever RSW World Champion.


In 2009, after Lewis Blue became the first ever RSW World Champion by defeating Chris Clash in an oven-tray match at Hell or High Water. Lewis went on to have a dominant reign as RSW World Champion by forming The Brotherhood, a stable which consisted of Blue, Clash and Andy Gold and taking on all comers including MK Rated which resulted in an epic 6 Man Tag match between MK Rated, Justice and GMD and The Brotherhood for the RSW Duo Championship. Blue went on to hold the championship up until Motion Sickness where his fellow Brotherhood stablemate, Andy Gold took him on and became the new RSW World Champion. Andy Gold was set to take on Lewis Blue in a rematch for the RSW World Championship at the next Free-Per-View, Three Sides of Suffering, until Chris Clash added himself to that match and picked up the victory thus becoming the new RSW World Champion. Chris Clash undoubtably had the most dominant reign lasting over 10 months and taking on all comers throughout, up until Clash literally met his worst nightmare: Phobia. Phobia's mindgames, undeniable strength and resiliency proved too much for Clash allowing Phobia to defeat Clash and become the new RSW World Champion. Phobia's reign came to an end due to Zack Barron and his undeniably powerful stable, Progress (consisting of Alpha, Andy Gold and Zack's younger brother, Scott Barron), after Phobia and Barron's will-testing match it was clear Phobia was going to end up victorious. Up until Alpha attacked Phobia with his dreaded 'Brogue Kick' whilst Scott Barron destracted the referee, once Alpha's assault was complete Zack was dragged ontop of Phobia's lifeless body to get the three count which resulted in Progress achieving their 'set-in-stone' goal of capturing each and every RSW Championship.

Title History

# Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Event: Notes:
Lewis Blue
November 2009
Hell or High Water 2009
Oven-tray match between Blue and Chris Clash, first ever match for the RSW World Championship.
Andy Gold
Summer 2010
Motion Sickness 2010
Singles match against Lewis Blue.
Chris Clash
September 2010
Three Sides of Suffering 2010
Chris Clash dropped the GBYWN England X-Division Championship (now RSW European Championship) prior to this match. Triple threat between Chris Clash, Andy Gold and Lewis Blue.
July 2011
Paranoia 2011
Singles match against Chris Clash.
Zack Barron
December 2011
Exodus 2011
Singles match against Phobia.
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