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Scott Barron

Scott Barron enterance before the RSW European Championship bout.

Ring Name Scott Barron
Height 6,2
Weight 145 lbs
Born May 27th, 1993(age 18)
Darlington, England, UK
Resides Darlington, England , UK
Debut 2011

Scott Barron is a British backyard wrestler, and a current superstar of RSW (Red Star Wrestling) where he currently holds the RSW European Championship. Scott first burst onto the RSW scene on the 25.09.11 episode of Rage, being the unknown identity behind the finalising call from his older brother, Zack Barron. Little is known of Scott Barron, with a silent start and yet to speak a word, Scott is seemed as an enigma compared to his Progress stablemates Alpha, Andy Gold and older brother, Zack Barron. Scott has slowly started to make an impact in RSW capturing the European Championship in his third match, in which he also debuted pink kickpads, which would soon become a signature to the flamboyant character.

Red Star Wrestling, Progress, European Championship (2011 - Present)

In August 2011, Red Star Wrestling had acquired the services, through much consideration and encouragement from older brother Zack Barron, of Scott Barron. The 25.09.11 episode of Rage opened with Zack on the phone, speaking to an unknown identity upon serious matters to which Barron stated 'It's about time I got some help around here' before informing his stable, Progress, of the news. Later on during the show, Lewis Blue was scheduled to compete in a match, yet had no idea whom he would be facing. Fresh off the heels of his Beta Championship win, Blue entered first, waiting anxiously as Zack Barron came out to announce the debut of the flamboyant younger brother, 'Saint' Scott Barron. In a back and forth bout that saw Barron throw everything he had at Blue, Scott was bested by Blue. Post match saw the then Beta Champion picked the fresh and talented Barron to his feet and shook the hand of the hungry newcomer, much to the dissmay of older brother Zack, who saw enough before planting him with a clubbing blow to the back of the head to an unsuspecting Blue who fell victim to the Believe in Barron (Firemans Carry into Cutter), to which Barrond ropped the title on the lifeless carcass of Blue before frustratingly forcing Scott out of the RSW arena.


Scott Barron hitting GMD with the kick heard round the world.

The following Rage aired 13/11/11, featured Zack and Scott Barron deep in discussion displaying Zack's anger for Loco banning Alpha and Andy Gold from the RSW arena for superstar safety. The first match of the night saw Zack and Scott take on the team of Lewis Blue and Chris Clash in the second round of the RSW Duo Championships tournament. Clash and Blue showed why they were former RSW World Champions as their experience allowed them to defeat The Barrons. The following show, after an encounter between two veterans in GMD and Phobia in which saw the upset victory from GMD over the current RSW World Champion. Post match, Scott Barron made an appearance, calmly watching the scene, motioning to the title as GMD turned to a frustrated Phobia, who laid the current RSW European Champion out with his deadly finisher (yet unamed), before leaving Scott Barron to pick up the scraps as he picked a lifeless GMD up before planting him with his finisher Saving Jane (Spinning Reverse STO) to which Scott signalled his intentions for the European Title.

As the RSW year was about to end, the last Free-Per-View of the year, Exodus was just about. With questions left unanswered, the last FPV of the year was opened with a close and exciting match-up of GMD(c) vs. Scott Barron for the European Championship. The match was a highly contested bout, with GM hitting Barron with both the FU and Pedigree yet still unable to keep the newcomer down. Barron responded with a vicious array of kicks including the Roundhouse Heard Around The World before planting the champion with his Saving Jane finisher, becoming the new RSW European Champion.

As the New Year came into fruition, RSW picked things up with a bang following the success of Exodus. Scott Barron was first on the card, fresh of his RSW European Championship victory, against an unknown opponent, who was revealed to be none other than RSW veteran, Justice. The match was shortly contested as Justice valiantly fought for a successful return, with an aerial assault that pounded the newly crowned champ into an act of desperation as he laid out Justice with a vicious super kick before signalling Andy Gold to bring his title, with the returning vet on his feet he turned into a shot with the title belt, causing a DQ victory and although Scott technically lost the bout, the RSW European Champ walked away with title in hand.

Finshing and Signature Moves


  • Saving Jane (Spinning Reverse STO)
  • SHOCKSHOCK! (450 Splash)


  • Hail to Mary (Roundhouse Kick)
  • Cloudburst (Tilt-a-whirl Sideslam)

Championships and Accomplishments

  • RSW European Champion (1 time, current)
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