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Lewis Blue
Ring Name Lewis Blue
Height 5,10
Weight 161 lbs
Born June 5th, 1992(age 19)
Kettering, Northampton, UK
Resides Redcar, Northeast, UK
Debut 2007

Lewis Blue is a British backyard wrestler, co-founder and wrestler of RSW (Red Star Wrestling). Lewis is well known for his high-flying ability and technical style of wrestling. He is considered the "main man" to speak abour anything regarding RSW. He became RSW's first ever World Champion crowned at RSW's first PPV 'Hell or High Water'. Lewis has shown huge progress since starting back in 2007 to this present day.


Lewis Blue's Exposure To BYW And The Start Of TXW

Lewis Blue first started seen backyard wrestling on the wrestler figs proboards when he had watched two music videos on Lee Andrews and Shawn Phoenix(AkA Focalin). Lewis then knew that he would take up backyard wrestling from then on. In 2007, he had decided to create his own backyard wrestling federation along with fellow wrestlers Andy Gold(A.G) and Chris Clash. Blue, Clash and Gold created TXW(Total Xtreme Wrestling) TXW only started with a few music videos and one PPV: TXW Engage. TXW began to slowly fade as most of the roster had GCSE exams which caused many of them to quit and focus on school work. Shortly after TXW closed.

TXW Roster:

  • Jex
  • Pex
  • Lewis Blue
  • A.G
  • Chris Clash
  • 6Pac
  • Super K
  • Ginny
  • Mr Loco
  • Dan
  • GMD


In Mid 2008, Lewis decided to rally the old TXW troops and see if he could get a new federation up and running, as he asked wrestlers such as Chris Clash and A.G and they were more than happy to start up a new federation which was named NEEW(North East Extreme Wrestling). This idea soon folded due to wrestling location as well as superstars not being able to attend.

3CW(3 Count Wrestling)Pro

During the time, Lewis had free fellow TXW members Jex(Jonny) and Pex(Lewis Saul) had invited him to come try out professional training with the 3CW Acadamy, in which Lewis agreed to and underwent a year of professional training meeting the likes of Doug Basham and Matt Sydal(Evan Bourne). After about a year or so, 3CW moved out of Lewis' reach therfore Lewis had no choice but to quit.

RSW (2009-present)

In October of 2009, Lewis and ex TXW and NEEW wrestler Chris Clash were determined to achieve their goal of starting a successful backyard wrestling federation: this day was the birth of Red Star Wrestling! RSW is possibly the only trampoline backyard federation left in the UK. The federation initially worked with 4 roster members; Lewis Blue, Chris Clash, Unknown and GMD. In RSW's debut show, GMD defeated Unknown to become the first RSW Light Heavyweight Champion and Chris Clash defeated Lewis Blue in the main event. Upon hearing of the news of the reborn North East federation, wrestlers old and new were more than happy to join up.

Various Feuds

Chris Clash:
One of the first feuds Lewis would have debuting for RSW would be that he would come face to face with Chris Clash squaring off in RSW' first ever show of 2009. After a brutial chair shot to the hand of Lewis by Clash(backstage)in which caused muscle tearing and dislocation to the fingers and thumb of Lewis, Clash used to his advantage. Lewis lost against Chris Clash after the "Crine Time" boosting Chris Clash' ego. Thus leaving the stain on the calk board 1-0 to Chris Clash.

Lewis ended up gaining one back over on Chris Clash after the second show. Clash had a very high paced match with A.G Lewis plotted his revenge by attack Clash with a chair and then King Pin Drivering Clash onto the chair causing a light concussion. Score? 1-1.

This carryed out to a heated two on one on the last Rage episode before Hell Or High Water. A.G and Clash had build a sense of trust and team work and decided to take on Lewis. Lewis elminated A.G and then lost against Clash after attempting a C-4 and being reversed into a umprettyer after the match Clash picked up a oven tray and attacked Lewis with it.

Coming up to the PPV the match was set to declare the first ever RSW World Champion in a first ever oven tray match. Lewis came out victorious and Became the first ever RSW World Champion.

MK Rated:

Championships And Accomplishments

Championships: Total Xtreme Wrestling:

  • TXW British Middleweight Champion x1

Red Star Wrestling:

  • RSW World Champion x1


  • Co Owner and Roster member of TXW
  • Co Owner and Roster member of NEEW
  • Co Owner and Roster member of RSW

In Wrestling

Finishers and Signature Moves


  • Shotgun Driver(Scoop slam pickup/pile-drivered onto one knee)
  • Azure Impact/14th Of December (Spinning GTS)


  • Under The Edge(Shooting star press leg drop to gut)
  • Death Valley Driver
  • Spider Bite(Elbow and knee back strike)
  • Diving Headbutt
  • Falcon Arrow
  • The Strobe Effect(Double arm clutch back drop)
  • Shooting Star Press
  • Corkscrew
  • Diving Clothesline
  • Side Walk Slam
  • Backbreaker
  • STO/Jumping STO
  • "September 2nd" Super Kick and Closeline Combo
  • "Gory Break" Crossover gory bomb cutter

Personal Life

Lewis is a great graphics designer and has a keen interest in video editing. Lewis makes everything used for RSW by himself from scratch without help, Lewis has been self taught in both graphic design(4 years experience)and video editing.

Lewis and Chris are best friends outside of RSW and used to go to school with each other.

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