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Alpha with the now defunct NEC Championship at Red Star Wrestling, Rage

Ring Name Alpha
Height 6,5
Weight 285 lbs
Born July 21st, 1993 (age 18)
Darlington, England, UK
Resides Darlington, England , UK
Debut 2007

Alpha who is also known as the 'One Man Stampede' is a British backyard wrestler, former owner and founder of FTW (Fun Trampoline Wrestling) and is a current wrestler of RSW (Red Star Wrestling) where he is the current holder of the RSW Duo Championships with Andy Gold aswell as being Second-in-Command of Progress, rellying on his size and height, Alpha has proven himself to be one of the most dominant wrestlers in all RSW.

Fun Trampoline Wrestling (FTW) (2007-2009)

In the summer of 2007, Alpha along with fellow friends Technico and B-Dogg, began FTW, a trampoline wrestling fed with a more friendly less violent edge. Although featuring a small roster FTW continuated for over 18 months, holding some titanic battles for the FTW World Title at events such as Rebirth. The roster was soon joined by more members such as Magoon, Sam 'The Ruler' Hughes and Ballack, and FTW at its peak had a epic 5 man elimanation match for the FTW World Championship which was won in the end by Technico after Alpha interfered and attacked B-Dogg. Although not known to the roster at the time, this would be FTW's last ever show.

Beta Wrestling (2010)

After the dissolution of FTW, Alpha signed with Beta Wrestling and went on to wrestle with the fed during its final days. Although only with Beta Wrestling for 2 months, Alpha went on to win the Beta Youtube Championship from Krysis in a brutal tables match. After Beta Wrestling came to an end, little was known of Alpha at this time as he appeard to have put his backyard wrestling days behind him.

Red Star Wrestling 2011-2012

Alpha, along with Zack Barron was subsequently signed to rival fed Red Star Wrestling, they debuted at RSW's free-per-view Retribution, in which Alpha went one on one with Zack Barron for the Beta World Championship. In a hard fought match for both men, Zack Barron came out on top after hitting Alpha with the B.I.B(Believe in Barron),what Zack Barron and Alpha did next was the most shocking. After Lewis Blue had just defeated both A.G and RSW World Champion Chris Clash to become new N.E.C Champion, Clash proceeded to shake Blue's hand, putting an end to their near 2 year rivalry in a sign of pure respect, Barron and Alpha attacked them leaving them helpless and unable to walk without medical assistance. On the next Rage, with new NEC Champion Lewis Blue vs Beta Champion Zack Barron already announced, RSW Champion Chris Clash demanded he get Alpha one on one in the main event. This was granted by RSW GM Mr Loco, in a grudge match in which Alpha pulled out the suprise victory in his first RSW main event, after Zack Barron interfered. Afterwards, Zack and Alpha tried to jump Clash in almost a repeat of the culmination of Retribution before Lewis Blue showed up and made the save, leveling the playing field. During this brawl, Alpha appeared to escape whilst Zack ate a 14th of December and a Clash Connection, afterwards Zack slapped Alpha demanded he stepped up his game. On the next Rage, Alpha faced Clash in a rematch in which Zack Barron was banned from ringside by Mr Loco. In a tremendous match in which both men pulled out all the stops,including Clash spearing Alpha on the outside, Clash won after hitting Alpha with two Clash Connection's.

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