RSW Light Heavyweight Championship

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RSW World Championship

The final RSW Light Heavyweight Champion, Justice with the second and final design of the championship

Final Champion: Justice
Date Won: May 2011
Event: Motion Sickness 2010

The RSW Light Heavyweight Championship was the first title to be created in Red Star Wrestling, the inaugural champion was GMD who beat Unknown in the first ever match in RSW history.


On the first ever show of RSW and in the first match GMD defeated Unknown in a singles match for the vacant RSW Light Heavyweight Championship. In an action packed match both GMD and Unknown both everything on the line to be the first ever champion crowned in RSW, however GMD got the better of Unknown after succesfully delivering the pedigree.


GMD, the first RSW Light Heavyweight Champion staring down with number one contender, Adam Atom with championship in hand.

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