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Chris Clash
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Ring Name Chris Clash
Height 1.76m (5 ft 8 in)
Weight --- kg (--- lbs)
Born March 14th, 1992(age 18)
Billingham, UK
Resides Redcar, Northeast, UK
Debut 2007

Chris Farrell (born March 14th, 1992) is a British backyard wrestler, better known by his ring name Chris Clash. He was born in Billingham, North East of the United Kingdom but currently lives in Redcar. He is the co-founder and wrestler for the UK backyard wrestling federation Red Star Wrestling (RSW). Clash was involved in the federation's debut show on the offical RSW Youtube channel where he defeated Lewis Blue in the main event.

So far, Chris has created a lot of tension between himself and the other superstars of the RSW brand and claims to be one of the 'most talented' backyard wrestlers in the United Kingdom. Him alongside fellow RSW wrestler Andy Gold (A.G) were crowned the first ever RSW Duo Champions (Tag Team). At this point, Chris Clash has being involved in the faction 'The Brotherhood' along with Lewis Blue and Andy Gold. Having since gone on to have the most succesful singles career in RSW History, Clash went on to become the first ever RSW Triple Crown Champion.


Introduction To Backyard Wrestling

Chris loved watching wrestling from a young age and always wanted to copy moves he had seen on TV. His inspiration and attitude towards wrestling comes from watching the brand WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and various small federations such as ROH (Ring of Honour) and PWG (Pro Wrestling Guerrilla). After meeting Lewis Blue at secondary school, they both decided to gather up a bunch of friends who shared the same love for wrestling and perform the moves of their wrestling idols. At first Clash and Blue wrestled occassionally during school breaks but were amazed at videos of other backyard wrestling federations they had seen on Youtube. This made the two want to have their own federation and to show the backyard community what they could do.

The Rise and Fall of TXW and NEEW

In 2007, both Clash and Blue started up Total Xtreme Wrestling (TXW) along with a few friends such as Andy Gold and the tag team of Jex and Pex. However this was a bad time for the federation as most of the wrestlers were at school and close to finishing their final exams. This meant that only two videos were posted which included a music video of all the wrestlers and a PPV intitled 'TXW Engage'. Due to the circumstances, TXW was stopped. In 2008, the federation was revived and given a new name: North East Extreme Wrestling (NEEW). Unfortunately, the show did not post any videos and had to be cancelled because nobody was interested in joining.

Red Star Wrestling

In October 2009, Chris Clash and Lewis Blue both decided to try one more time to have a succesful backyard wrestling federation. The name given was Red Star Wrestling and like both TXW and NEEW, was kept as a 'trampoline based' federation. As co-founders/owners of RSW, Clash and Blue launched both the Red Star Wrestling Youtube channel and webpage which laid the foundation for the shows to come. While Lewis has the responsibility of editing the footage and creating the logos, Chris ensures that both the website and youtube channel are upto date after each Rage and pay-per-view.

The first show was posted on October 21st of the same year and featured two singles matches between Chris Clash and Lewis Blue and GMD and Unknown. The match of Clash vs Blue showcased the twos' talent and passion for backyard wrestling; more so for Clash as he came out of the show's main event victorious. Since his debut appearance, Chris has improved both his wrestling techinques and moves but with that has become more cocky.

Feuds and Rivalries


Wrestling Info

Finishing Moves

  • Clash Connection (RKO)
  • Reverse Spinning Neckbreaker (name not yet given)

Signature Moves

  • Spinebuster
  • Black-hole Slam
  • Fall-away Slam
  • Gutbuster
  • Modified Backbreaker
  • Dragon Sleeper
  • Modified Armlock
  • Modified T-Bone Suplex
  • Hold-up Neckbreaker
  • Clash Rage (Beatdown)

Championships and Accomplishments


  • Co-Founder/Owner of TXW
  • Co-Founder/Owner of NEEW
  • Co-Founder of RSW
  • Current Co-Owner of RSW
  • Current Roster Member of RSW


RSW Duo Champion x1

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