Hell or High Water

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Hell or High Water (2009)

Hell or High Water was Red Star Wrestling's inaugural ppv and only free pay per view of 2009, aswell as being RSW's only pay per view of 2009. The main match advertised for this pay per view was the main event, an oven tray match being contentested between Chris Clash and Lewis Blue. This match was to determine the first ever RSW World Championship.


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The main rivalry heading into Hell or High Water was between Lewis Blue and Chris Clash. The first time these two talented superstars went head to head was in RSW's first ever show. After blindsiding Blue, Clash then proceded to brutally hit Lewis in the hand with a steel chair when the referee was distracted, picking up the victory aswell as causing serious muscle damage to Blue's hand. The following week, after Lewis Blue picked up a big win over rising superstar M.K Rated, Chris Clash once again blindsided Blue this time with a Clash Connection. However Lewis Blue soon got revenge evening up the score, after the referee was taken out in the match between Chris Clash and Andy Gold, Clash hit A.G with the Clash Connection. However Lewis Blue then interfered hitting the Death Valley Driver on Chris Clash onto a steel chair. This cost Chris Clash the match, aswell as his pride. Lewis Blue and Chris Clash next collided in a tag team match that also featured Andy Gold and M.K Rated, with Clash teaming with A.G and with Blue teaming with M.K. In what can only be described as a 'slobberknocker' of a tag team match, Lewis Blue and M.K Rated picked up the win after M.K hit the Swanton Bomb on A.G. However after the match Chris Clash immediately hit a double Clash Connection on the victors. Then after Clash hit a vicious chair shot to the head of M.K, he raised Andy Gold's hand, reinforcing there new, yet dangerous alliance.

The following week say Lewis Blue take on Chris Clash and A.G in a 2-on-1 gauntlet match

he issued a challenge to Lewis Blue for Hell or High Water. The challenge was an Oven Tray Match to determine the first ever RSW World Heavyweight Champion.

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