XBW In Memory Of 1 (Season 2)

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XBW In Memory Of 1
Promotion XBW Wrestling
Season Season 2, Episode 2 (2003)
Venue Backyard
Location Baltimore, Maryland
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XBW In Memory Of 1 (Season 2)
N/A XBW Mayhem (Season 2)
XBW In Memory Of chronology
XBW In Memory Of 1 (Season 2)
N/A XBW In Memory Of 2 (Season 2)

XBW In Memory Of 1 (Season 2) was the first annual and season In Memory Of backyard wrestling supercard event produced by XBW Wrestling (XBW), which occurred in a backyard residence in Maryland. While the event became the inaugural In Memory Of within the XBW, it is marked for being the sole event that historically witnessed two different champions crowned in the same match as well as the only In Memory Of to host a Nemesis Memorial Cup Fatal Four Way Elimination match instead of a Battle Royal as seen in the subsequent In Memory Of events.

The main event was between Deathwarrent, The Icon, The Reaper and Tommy Gunn in a Nemesis Memorial Cup Fatal Four Way Elimination match whereas the winner received an XBW Championship match, which Deathwarrent was victorious after a Leg drop. One match on the undercard featured Chris Phoenix versus War in a 2 Falls match for the XBW Maryland and XBW Championship.



The main match at In Memory Of was the Nemesis Memorial Cup Fatal Four Way Elimination match for the Nemesis Memorial Cup between The Icon, Deathwarrent, Tommy Gunn, and The Reaper. Following the comeback of XBW since their hiatus and the death of Nemesis two years prior, this conception was introduced to pay tribute to the fallen leader. Deathwarrent would announce the Final Four Way in the opening of the show along with a 2 Falls match between Chris Phoenix and War for the XBW Championship after unceremoniously stripping Reilly Davidson of the title before his JCW movement could officially overtake XBW.


Other on-screen talent
Role: Name:
Commentator Deathwarrent (Out of character)
Reilly Davidson (Out of character)
Referee The Icon (Out of character)
Chris Phoenix (Out of character)

Reilly Davidson (Tommy Gunn), the mastermind of his newborn Jackass Championship Wrestling takeover alliance which went announced after a controversial XBW Championship victory over War the previous episode due to assistance by his posse, issued an insincere apology for the incident citing it as unjust and envisaged towards rewarding The Reaper with the championship.

Moreover, Deathwarrent interrupted to cease such idea, suggesting Davidson reward Reaper the a JCW Championship, and promptly stripped Gunn of the title for the sake of XBW pitting it to be contested in a 2 Falls match between War and Chris Phoenix with the XBW Maryland and XBW Championship hanging in the balance in each fall. Deathwarrent also announced the blockbuster main event of a Nemesis Memorial Fatal Four Way Elimination match between himself, Tommy Gunn, The Icon and The Reaper to pay commemoration to their fallen leader, Nemesis.

The first match of the event was a 2 Falls match between champion War and Chris Phoenix for the XBW Maryland (first fall) and XBW Championship (vacant; second fall). Keeping note that no rules are enforced in the XBW at this time, the contest begins with Phoenix's attempt to charge War with a steel chair but finds himself on the receiving end of a superkick. Both combatants made for a competitive physical match incorporating weaponry. Phoenix showed some frustration in the bout, but soon connects with a Sitout facebuster and gets the pinfall to become XBW Maryland Champion. He would next unleash his frustrations on the official in his attempts to capture another title but War would later set up for The Swanton City and pin to claim the XBW Championship.

The final match of the event was the Nemesis Memorial Cup Fatal Four Way Elimination match between Deathwarrent, Tommy Gunn, The Icon and The Reaper for the Nemesis Memorial Cup which comes with the opportunity to compete for any championship of the winner's choosing. All four competitors embroiled in pinning predicament. The Icon tried his luck to eliminate Deathwarrent after a splash as well as Reaper did after a Chokeslam on The Icon. The Reaper soon had his first victim eliminated in Tommy Gunn. After Deathwarrent executed a Leg drop on The Reaper, The Icon sought his chance to put Reaper down for the count and eliminated him. Coming down to the final bits of the match, The Icon looks for a Seated three-quarter facelock jawbreaker reversed by Deathwarrent for an Apocalypse, followed by a Leg drop and the pinfall to crown Deathwarrent the first ever Nemesis Memorial Cup winner.



# Results Stipulations Notes Times
1 Chris Phoenix defeated War
2 Falls Match for XBW Maryland Championship and XBW Championship
Order of Falls
  • Chris Phoenix executes The Flight of the Phoenix before pinning War to win XBW Maryland Championship
  • War hits the Swanton City before pinning Chris Phoenix to win the XBW Championship
2 Deathwarrent defeated The Icon, The Reaper, and Tommy Gunn
Nemesis Memorial Cup Fatal Four Way Elimination match
Order of Elimination
  • The Reaper eliminates Tommy Gunn
  • The Icon eliminates The Reaper
  • Deathwarrent eliminates The Icon to win the match.

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