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Ring name War
Height 6'0
Weight 170 lbs.
Born  ???
Resides Hell's Gate
Debut 2010

??? (born ???), better known by his ring name, War, is an American backyard wrestler currently wrestling with (BWE) Backyard Wrestling Entertainment.


Career Start

June 2010 War started to compete in SCW (Stonewall Championship Wrestling) and went undefeated for 5 months intill the company closed down then went on to sign a BWE contract in Demember of 2010

Backyard Wrestling Entertainment (2010-Present)

War debut against The Freak in Decemeber 2010 in a single match where they seem eqauls intill the end where War connected with his powerful clothline (War's Hammer) while The Freak roll around the ring. One week later War was put into a match against the returning Criss Choas where War kept repeating chokeing him intill he hit the War's Hammer

In wrestling

  • Finisher
    • War's Hammer (Running Clothline)
  • Signature Moves

  • Nicknames
    • The Horse Man
  • Entrance Themes
    • This Is War By 30 Seconds To Mars (2009- Present)


  • Backyard Wrestling Entertainment



  • LBYW

  • BWI
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