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Backyard Wrestling Entertainment
Acronym BWE
Established 2009
Founded By Steven Hardy
Management Real World Entertainment
Wrestling base Ring
Location Shreveport, LA
Websites [Official BWE Youtube]

BWE (Backyard Wrestling Entertainment) is an independent backyard wrestling federation based in Shreveport, LA, founded in 2009 by Steven Hardy. (BWE) is widely recognized as the (WWE) of backyard wrestling. Steven Hardy the owner is focus on technical, puroresu, lucha libre and high-risk extreme spots more so then hardcore wrestling.




In early 2006, Steven Hardy, Stone Hardy & The Joker started up the Hardcore Wrestling Organization (HWO). Steven Hardy defeated Stone Hardy in a ladder match on January 20, 2006 to become the first HWO World Heavyweight Champion. In early 2009, HWO changed in's style of wrestling from a hardcore base to a pure wrestling style hoping to draw in a new brand of fans, but the change came at a disappointment to the hardcore wrestling fans. So instead, Steven Hardy created Backyard Wrestling Entertainment (BWE). Since then BWE has gained it's own fan base and has become one of the most known byw federations to-date. Steven Hardy has focused more on technical wrestling then hardcore wrestling as it's HWO counterpart, and has added in a storyline base, so people will be more entertained.

BWE AfterShock

See also: BWE AfterShock

BWE Hosted the first ever BWE: AfterShock on November 9th, 2009, with a tournmant to crown the first ever BWE Champion. Jimmy Nitro defeated his brother Nitro in the opening match of the tournament, Stone Hardy defeated Criss Chaos & Steven Hardy defeated The Kid. After the match, Stone Hardy and Jimmy Nitro enter the ring. Stone Hardy attacked The Kid and thru him out of the ring. Criss Chaos attacked Stone Hardy in his defense, but Steven Hardy & Jimmy Nitro attacked Chaos. Steven Hardy tried to shake Jimmy Nitro's hand, and Jimmy Nitro acted as he didn't want too, so Steven Hardy hit him with his new finisher The Bang (RKO).

Real World Entertainment

On January 1st, Backyard Wrestling Entertainment came under management of RWE (Real World Entertainment) a management group. The groups job is to increase interest in the product by creating New wild and crazy storylines rarely seen in BYW. The first order of business was to shut down BWE After Shock until a new ring was built. The new ring will be 20x20 and have a stronger frame.

BWE/HWO Merger

Steven Hardy owner of Backyard Wrestling Entertainment and Stone Hardy Owner of Hardcore Wrestling Organization has come to an agreement to merge the two companies together after Stone Hardy lost his career in a career vs. Streak match. Since then, Steven Hardy has started uploading past HWO videos to the BWE youtube channel and Stone Hardy has been awarded the General Manager position of BWE After Shock. All BWE events have been postponed and is unknown when BWE is returning to in-ring action.

Real World Entertainment will be bringing in the HWO Championship as the new Hardcore Championship.

Current Champions

Championships Current champion Date Won Event Previous holder
BWE Championship
Steven Hardy
July 25, 2010
BWE: Breaking The Limits
The Kid
BWE United States Championship
The Kid
April ??, 2011
BWE: After Shock
Stone Hardy
BWE Tag Team Championship
The Kid & The Punisher
January 29, 2011
BWE: After Shock
Stevie Future & Tommy The Train
LBYW Championship
October 16, 2010
BWE: After Shock


BWE has been involved with wrestling events outside of BWE and/or Shreveport, La.

  • On February 22, 2010, BWE Travelled to Baton Rogue to hold an Inter-Promotional event with LBW.

Current Special Events

  • World War
  • Raising The Bar
  • King of The Yard
  • Momerial Show
  • Summer Fallout
  • Wrestle Bash
  • Break The Limits
  • Battle for the Gold
  • Red Alert
  • Redemption
  • BWE Anniversary
  • New Era


Championships BWE ChampionshipBWE United States ChampionshipBWE Tag Team ChampionshipLBYW Championship
Roster Steven Hardy, Stone Hardy, The Kid, Criss Chaos, Jimmy Nitro, Reign, Rose, The Freak, Psychic, Iceberg, Tank, Captan Pain, The Punisher, Black Ice, Black Reign, Reaper, Stevie Future, Tommy The Train, War, Jay MysteriousBWE Alumni
Former Roster Storman Norman, Johnny Nitro
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