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Steven Hardy
Ring name Steven Hardy
Height 6'0
Weight 210 lbs.
Born October 26, 1986
Resides Shreveport, La
Debut 1992
Internet Debut 2006
Federations HWO



Steven Matthew Hardy (born October 26, 1986), better known by his ring name, Steven Hardy, is an American backyard wrestler currently signed with Backyard Wrestling Entertainment (BWE), where he is the current BWE Champion in his first reign. He is best known for his tenure with Hardcore Wrestling Organization (HWO).

Hardy has held eighteen championships in various promotions throughout his career, and is a nine time World Champion: an eight-time HWO World Heavyweight Champion and a one-time BWE Champion. In addition to his world title reigns, Steven Hardy is a three-time HWO Champion, two-time HWO State Champion, two-time LBYW Champion, one-time GBYWN Mid-South Champion, and a one-time HWO Tag Team Champion with Storman Norman.

Steven Hardy has won awards from GBYWN, NBWA, LBYW and BWI.


Backyard Wrestling Career

Hardcore Wrestling Organization (2006-2009)

HWO World Heavyweight Champion and Various Feuds (2006-2008)

Steven Hardy wrestled Stone Hardy in HWO's first taped match. The two battled, for nearly an hour. Near the end of the match, Steven Hardy failed a moonsult which injured Stone Hardy's ribs. This allowed Steven Hardy to pick up the win and the HWO World Heavyweight Championship, making Steven Hardy the first ever HWO World Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Steven Hardy wanted to move forward gave The Joker a title match, but Stone Hardy believing he was cheated out of the title forced his way into the match making it a triple threat match. The three battled for 30 minutes bring any and everything they could into the match, even suplexing Steven Hardy thru the back window of a car, but in the end Steven Hardy retained his title by pinning The Joker. After the match, Stone Hardy was mad that he wasn't the winner and attacked both Steven Hardy and The Joker. Stone Hardy claimed he was cheated again stating Steven Hardy never beat him. Steven Hardy unhappy with the comments Stone Hardy was making gave him his rematch, but Steven Hardy's high risk taking allowed Stone Hardy to pick up the win and the HWO World Heavyweight Championship after he missed a senton bomb.

Steven Hardy and Stone Hardy after an extreme bump.

Steven Hardy wanting to move forward with his cereer again challanged The Joker to a match to crown the first ever HWO Champion. Steven Hardy defeated The Joker for the title, but Stone Hardy was unhappy that Steven Hardy didn't ask for his rematch. When Stone Hardy asked him Steven Hardy why, Steven Hardy stated (Stone Hardy was just a stepping stone on my way to the top and I already passed that step.). Stone Hardy pissed at Steven's comments, demanded a match with Steven Hardy, but Steven Hardy stated only if he could pick the match type. Stone Hardy agreed and Steven Hardy pick The Animal as the Special Guest Referee. Stone Hardy tried his beat, but was unable to retain the title. Because Steven Hardy won the HWO World Heavyweight Championship back he was Stripped of the HWO Championship. After, Stone Hardy failed to defeat The Joker for the HWO Championship, he challenged Steven Hardy for his rematch for the HWO World Heavyweight Championsip in an hour long Iron Man match. They Battled it out for 55 minutes before they both turned on and attacked the referee. Since Steven Hardy had the most wins at the end of the match he retained the title. After Steven Hardy lost the HWO World Heavyweight Championship to The Joker, Stone Hardy challenged Steven Hardy to a match to crown a new champion for the vacented HWO Championsip. Do to an injury Steven Hardy got in his match against The Joker, Stone Hardy was able to pick up the win. After, The Joker retired. Stone Hardy challenged Steven Hardy to a Human Torch match to crown a new HWO World Heavyweight Champion. The two battled it out like never before and in the end Stone Hardy walked away as the new champion. Steven Hardy claimed he was retiring from BYW, but Stone Hardy wouldn't allow that to happen by talking trash every week until Steven Hardy accepted Stone Hardy's challenge for a table match. Steven Hardy defeated Stone Hardy after another hard fought battle. Steven Hardy again tried to retire only to be trash talked again by Stone Hardy claiming he only wants to retire because he is scared of him. Steven Hardy returned and defended his title in a Ladder match only to lose the title back to Stone. Stone Hardy then claimed he was retiring as the Last HWO World Heavyweight Champion, but Steven Hardy had other plans. Steven Hardy claimed that if Stone Hardy refused to defend the title against him one last time that he would destroy his hard work. Stone ask how and Steven revealed that his last title contract had a ironclad clause stating if Stone Hardy refused to give his rematch or retired as champion then the title would then be awarded to Steven Hardy. Stone Hardy wanting to retire as Champion granted him his rematch in a 2 out of 3 falls match, only to lose the title. Stone Hardy demanded his rematch for the title, but Steven hardy claimed Stone Hardy had no rematch clause in the last Championship contract. Stone Hardy claimed he did, but Steven Hardy stated he rewriten the contract removing his rematch clause. Steven Hardy then claimed Stone Hardy would have to win another title match by defeating him in a match. Stone Hardy challenged and defeated Steven Hardy in a match for a future shot at the HWO World Heavyweight Championship. Steven Hardy upset about The Joker retiring after winning all the championships, started talking trash about him for months. The Joker returned and challenged Steven Hardy to a Burial Alive match. HWO owners choose to put both the HWO Championship and HWO State Championship on the line in this match. The Joker accepted and the match started off as an awesome wrestling match, but soon turned into an all out battle. Steven Hardy went for a senton bomb while The Joker was laying on another ladder, but The Joker rolled off and Steven Hardy hit nothing but the ladder, this marked the turn around and The Joker took it and destroyed Steven Hardy by Death Velly Drivering him into the grave and buried him alive winning the HWO Championship & The HWO State Championship and The Joker then retired from BYW again. The Joker returned to BYW in a singles match against Steven Hardy where he injuried and defeated him. Stone Hardy cashed in his future shot at the title and defeated Steven Hardy for the title. Steven Hardy's contract clause gave him a rematch whenever he wanted it. HWO's owner at the time gave Steven Hardy a shot at the title without using up his clause, stating he wanted to bring in a new star. The triple threat match was set as Stone Hardy defended his HWO World Heavyweight Championship, Steven Hardy was forced to defend his HWO State Championship. This match had it's own stipulation, where only the champion who gets pinned lost there title. After, 55 minutes of battling and Stone Hardy hitting Steven Hardy in the head with a hammer. The Kid was able to pin Steven Hardy and win the HWO State Championship. Steven Hardy then demanded a rematch against The Kid, stating if he lost the rematch he would forfit his HWO World Heavyweight Champinship rematch against Stone Hardy to him. The Kid agreed but lost the rematch and the HWO State Championship to Steven Hardy. Stone Hardy claim he would never say I quit and challenged Steven Hardy to an I Quit Match. Steven hardy beat Stone Hardy so badly that the referee had to stop the match and award Steven hardy as the winner. Stone Hardy upset that the referee awarded Steven Hardy the match and the champinship demand his rematch claiming Steven Hardy never defeated him. Steven Hardy Challenged Stone Hardy for his rematch in a ladder match where he regained the world title. Stone Hardy then ask for his rematch 2 months later in a First Blood match, but attacked Steven Hardy before the start of the match which allowed him to bust a light bulb over Steven Hardy's back busting him open and winning the HWO World Heavyweight Championship back. Steven Hardy asked for a rematch in any match type Stone Hardy wanted. Stone Hardy agreed and put his title on the line in a Last Man Standing match. Steven Hardy hit a sento bomb off a ladder and was able to make it to his feet before the 10 count and won back the HWO World Heavyweight Championship. After the King of LBYW Tournament, Stone Hardy ask for his rematch in same type of 2 out of 3 falls match as the finals to the King of LBYW was. Steven Hardy agreed and Stone Hardy was able to defeat Steven Hardy in the first match for the HWO State Championship, but lost the last two matches amd the 2 out of 3 falls match all together. The Joker returned to BYW at the start on 2008 defeating Steven Hardy in a singles match. Steven Hardy not happy after losing the match challenged The Joker to a 30 minute Ironman match. Both wrestlers entered the yard with a weapon of there choose, The Joker having a Light bulb on a stick and Steven Hardy having a bat with nails coming out of it. Steven Hardy tried hitting The Joker with the bat during the match, but the Joker was able to get the bat away from him. The Joker than hit Steven Hardy with the bat leaving 2 nails in his back. the match was stopped long enogh to remove the nails from his back then an upset Steven hardy destroyed the Joker to win the match 7 pins to 2 pins forcing the Joker to retire for good. The Game challenged Steven Hardy for the HWO State Championship, but came up short when Steven Hardy locked in the Hardy lock for the win. The Game not happy about the out come challenged Steven Hardy again, but this time for the HWO World Heavyweight Championship, but again came up short. Steven Hardy then challenged and defeated The Game for the HWO Championship. The Game not happy challenged for his rematch but again came up short. The Game then brought in the aid on his friend The Leprechaun and challenged him to a handicap match, but again they both lost.

LBYW Champion, King of LBYW and Youtube Popularity (2008)

Steven Hardy's Increasing populariry on youtube in 2008, began getting him challenges and partnership offers. Nick Weston shot a promo talking trash about Steven Hardy calling his wrestling hardcore redneck trash. Steven Hardy shot a promo addressing Nick Weston and his challenge, where he stated on the 28th of August the fun and games would come to an end and would turn into a living nightmare. The two meet in a hardcore match on the 28th, where Steven Hardy defeated Nick Weston to be crowned the first ever LBYW Champion. Nick Weston announced the start of the King of LBYW Tournament to crown a federation owner of the LBYW World Heavyweight Championship. The Game could not get over not being able to beat Steven Hardy and demanded that he be Steven's first opponent in the tournament. Steven Hardy agreed and defeated The Game in just over 3 minutes. The Kid then defeated Stone Hardy to make it to the finals. HWO then made the final match a Special 2 out of 3 falls match, where one of Steven Hardy's 4 championship's would be on the line in every match. The Kid defeated Steven Hardy in the first match for the HWO Championship, but lost the other two matches and the tournament. On December 24, 2008. Insaniac shot an open challenge promo challenging Buster Razor Black to a Tag Team match. Insaniac stated in the promo (I have a proposition, it's gonna be you and a pertner of your choosing verses me and one of the most extreme individuals i've seen on this web site so far, I mean he's kind of a big deal on youtube and i'm figuring you bring someone who will bring out the extreme in both of you and i'm going to bring Steven Hardy). This marked a friendship between Steven Hardy and Insaniac.

GBYWN Mid-South Champion and End of HWO (2009)

Steven Hardy defended and lose the HWO World Heavyweight Championship to The Kid on the 15th of April, but would challenge and defeat Stone Hardy in a Deathmatch to crown the first ever GBYWN Mid-South Champion a week later. Steven Hardy then entered the first ever HWO Backyard Rumble, where the winner is crowned the HWO World Heavyweight Champion. Steven Hardy was the last to enter and was able to win the rumble by throwing The Kid over the top rope. Steven Hardy then defended the HWO World Heavyweight Championship in the first HWO Scramble Match. After, Steven Hardy retained the title in the Scramble match. He defended and lost the HWO World Heavyweight Championship against Stone Hardy. After, Steven Hardy was unable to show up and defend the GBYWN Mid-South title. HWO Stripped him of the title. Steven Hardy then defended and lose the LBYW Championship to Storman Norman. Steven Hardy went on to team with Storman Norman and defeated Stone Hardy and The Kid to become the first and only HWO Tag Team Champions. Steven Hardy defeated The Punisher in the last HWO match to win the vacanted HWO Championship.

Backyard Wrestling Entertainment (2009-Present)

BWE Championship Tournament (2009)

Steven Hardy kidnapping Jimmy Nitro & Criss Chaos.

BWE held its first event on November 9, 2009. Where they held a tournament to crown the first ever BWE Champion. During the first round Jimmy Nitro defeated his brother Johnny Nitro, Stone Hardy defeated Criss Chaos & Steven Hardy defeated The Kid, After the match Stone Hardy and Jimmy Nitro entered the ring. Stone Hardy then helped Steven Hardy to his feet, while Jimmy Nitro helped The Kid to his feet. Stone Hardy out of nowhere grabbed The Kid and thru him out of the ring with force. Criss Chaos mad about him attacking his family then attacked Stone Hardy. Both Steven Hardy and Jimmy Nitro then came to the save of Stone Hardy helped him beat down Criss Chaos. Jimmy Nitro then hugged Stone Hardy, but then refused to shake Steven Hardys Hand and out of nowhere Steven Hardy hit Jimmy Nitro with the Bang, and then made his leave, Stone Hardy then helped Jimmy Nitro to his feet. A week later, The Kid wanted Stone Hardy in a one-on-one match for attacking him the week before, while The Punisher wanted Steven Hardy for attacking Jimmy Nitro. The Punisher failed to beat Steven Hardy, so a week later Jimmy Nitro demanded a match against Steven Hardy. Steven Hardy ended the match in a no contest when he kidnapped Jimmy Nitro. A week later, Steven Hardy faced The Kid in a match where Criss Chaos interfered and got The Kid Dq'ed. Steven Hardy then kidnapped Criss Chaos. A week later, BWE: Raising The Bar, footage of Jimmy Nitro being tortured by Steven Hardy and saved by Criss Chaos was shown. After the footage, BWE GM came to the ring to make the matches. Jimmy Nitro enterd the ring and demanded to be removed from the match from fear of Steven Hardy kidnapping him agian. The BWE GM agreed and place Jimmy Nitro & Criss chaos in a Tag Team match against Tank & Captain Pain for the BWE Tag Team Championship. Tank and Captain pain won the match and became the first ever BWE Tag Team Championship. Stone Hardy defeated Steven Hardy in the main event to become the first ever BWE Championship, after The New Blood of Backyard Wrestling interfered and hit Steven Hardy in the head with the championship belt.

The Army and Feud with The New Blood of Backyard Wrestling (2009-2010)

Steven Hardy cashing in his money in the bank.

The first signs of The New Blood of Backyard Wrestling started showing during the couple episodes of BWE AfterShock. They official formed at BWE: Raising The Bar. Steven Hardy defeated The New Bloods leader The Kid for the LBYW Championship on the next After Shock where Tank handed Steven Hardy the title showing signs of Tank joining Steven Hardys in his war for respect. Captain Pain & Tank was then see attacking Criss Chaos & Jimmy Nitro this showned the official forming of Steven's Army. The Kid won a Fatel Four Way where the winner got a shot at his title, but if he won he could pick his opponent at BWE Redemption. He choice Captain Pain in hopes of getting pay back for him attacking his family Criss Chaos, but after he had picked him The Punisher attacked him saying The Kid promised him the match if he helped him win. Steven Hardy got himself DQ'ed at BWE: Redemption to retain the title against Jimmy Nitro, The Kid lose his GBYWN Mid-South Championship to Captain Pain, after the match The Punisher attacked The Kid changing sides to Steven's Army. Psychic had also attacked both The Kid and Captain Pain low blowing Captain Pain and stealing the GBYWN Mid-South Championship for the second time. Later in the show, Steven Hardy attacked Black Ice getting Stone Hardy DQ'ed, allowing him to retain the BWE Championship, he also attcked Stone Hardy claiming he was coming for his BWE Championship. The New Blood was given another chance to win the tag team titles, but only if both Jimmy Nitro & Criss Chaos won there matches against the tag team champions. Both Jimmy Nitro & Criss Chaos defeated Tank & Captain Pain, but Criss Chaos was later hurt in a match with the debuting Rose. The Kid then demanded a match against The Punisher for attacking him at Redemption. Later, The Punisher was able to defeat The Kid. Steven Hardy and Black Ice would then wrestle for the #1 Contendership of the BWE Championship, Steven Hardy defeat Black Ice with a Swanton Bomb, after Steven Hardy won the match music of a past wrestle hit, Steven Hardy seemed as if he was scared of the wrestlers return and ran out of the ring. Steven Hardy wrestled The Kid, in a leader vs. leader match, near end of the match The Kid counter Steven Hardy's finisher the Bang and hit him with a Stunner for the win, after the match the music played again, and Storman Norman returned and took action against Steven Hardy, Claiming he wanted the LBYW Championship back a title he never lose in a match. The Kid defeated Stone Hardy for the BWE Championship on the 14th episode of after shock. The next week, Steven Hardy defeated Stone Hardy for the #1 contendership. 2 weeks later at BWE: Red Alert, Steven Hardy defeated The Kid by DQ when Jimmy Nitro and Criss Chaos interfered attacking Steven Hardy, Stone Hardy ran in for the save taking out both Criss Chaos and Jimmy Nitro, while The Kid used that time to make his escape. Jimmy Nitro was placed in the Championship match against his New Blood leader & BWE Champion The Kid at BWE Wrestle Bash. Jimmy Nitro refused to lay down for The Kid and The Kid took action against him and was winning the match until Steven Hardy the referee at the time attacked The Kid and hit him with The Bang to help Jimmy Nitro win the championship. That week on After Shock, The Kid made his way to the ring and informed Nitro that do to Steven hardy's actions in the match, the ruling of that match was turned over by BWE Manegement. Jimmy Nitro was DQ for Steven Hardy's interferece in the match and The Kid was still BWE Champion. The Kid defeated Stone Hardy in a non title match at BWE: Breaking The Limits after Stone Hardy got himself DQ'ed by hitting The Kid with a chair, after Stone Hardy made his leave Steven Hardy entered the ring and cashed in his money in the bank shot and won the championship.

BWE/LBW Collision (2010)

Steven Hardy and the BWE Roster travelled to Baton Rouge to host an interpromotional show with Blaster Razor Blackkk's LBW. Steven Hardy with head-to-head with Insaniac defeating him in 6 minutes and 35 seconds. Steven Hardy would then go head-to-head with LBW's Abe defeating him in 7 minutes and 45 seconds. Steven Hardy and the BWE Roster then face LBW's Roster in a four vs. four tag team elimination match in the shows main event where he was eliminated and his team lost with The Kid being the last to be eliminated.

BWE Champion and Various Feuds (2010-2011)

Steven Hardy successfully defended the BWE Championship against Tommy The Train on the November 13, 2010 edition of After Shock and again on the November 28, 2010 edition of After Shock. Steven Hardy then successfully defended the BWE Championship against both Stone Hardy and The Kid at BWE: New Era. He won the match by disqualification. After, The Kid started beating Steven hardy with a chair. Stone Hardy placed his career on the line for a shot at the Championship at BWE: Memorial Show in a deathmatch. Stone Hardy brought any and everything into the match. They both went as far as hitting each other with Steven Hardy's truck, but in the end. Steven Hardy locked in his new submission hold and made Stone Hardy tap out.

In wrestling

  • Finisher
    • The Bang (Cutter)
    • Hardyton (Swanton Bomb)
    • Hardy Lock (Sharpshooter)
  • Signature moves
    • Belly to Back Suplex
    • Backbreaker
    • Cobra Clutch
    • Back Stabber
    • Double Underhook Suplex
    • Orton Backbreaker
    • Side Slam
    • Suplex
    • DDT
    • Deathlock
    • Powerslam
    • Bodyslam
    • Running Senton Slpash
    • Running Knee Drop
    • Dive to the out-side
  • Nicknames
    • The Xtreme DareDevil
    • The Hardcore Legend
    • The Hero
  • Entrance Themes
    • Prayer By Disturbed (2006-2007)
    • No More Sorrow By Linkin Park (2007-2008)
    • Time Of Dying By Three days Grace (2008-2009)
    • Comatose By Skillet (2009-2010)
    • Live Free or Let me Die By Skillet (2009-2010)
    • Into The Flood By Deepfield (2010)
    • Over and Under by Egypt Central (2010-2011)



  • Backyard Wrestling Entertainment
    • BWE Creator
    • BWE Wrestler of the year (2011)
    • BWE Champion of the year (2010-2011)
    • BWE Match of the Year (2011) with Stone Hardy at BWE Memorial Show
  • Hardcore Wrestling Organization
    • HWO Co-Creator
    • First Grand Slam Champion
    • Second Triple Crown Champion
    • First HWO World Heavyweight Champion
    • First HWO Champion
    • First HWO Tag Team Champion with Storman Norman
    • First GBYWN Mid-South Champion
    • GBYWN Wrestler of the Week 08/31/08 - 09/06/08
  • LBYW
    • First LBYW Champion
    • LBYW Wrestler of the week 08/24/08 - 08/30/08
    • LBYW Wrestler of the month - August 2008
    • LBYW Wrestler of the Year (2008-2010)
    • LBYW Match of the Year with Stone Hardy (2008-20011)
  • NBWA
    • NBWA Holy Shit Moment of the year (2010)
    • NBWA Wrestler of the Year (2011)
    • NBWA Match of the year (2011)
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