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Watertown, New York
Branding Anime 10 (Cable Slot)
Analog channel 46 (UHF)
Digital channel 46 (UHF) (flash-cut)
Affiliations Anime National
FUNi+ (on LD2)
JTN(on LD3)
AMT (on LD4)
Animovie (on LD5)
Anivision (on LD6)
Weather Tube on LD8
Asahi America on LD9
Coast-to-Coast TV on LD10
Owner Taylor Media Stations Group
Founded December 9, 1993
Call letters meaning
Former affiliations UPN, America One

WLOT-LP channel 46 is a Class A low-power Anime National affiliate in Watertown, New York, which was repeated on local low-powered rebroadcasters throughout the market. WLOT has been Watertown's affiliate for the now-defunct UPN network, as well as the America One network. Although it airs prime-time anime, it also carries secondary programming from JTN and My Network TV as well as NBC (such as 1 Vs.100, Deal or No Deal, Saturday Night Live, and the Tonight Show) along with NBC Sports and the Today Show. Though the station is Class A, It keeps the (-LP) suffix to reflect the stations calls.

The station shut down in 2005 after the death of the owner and subsequent legal troubles. Taylor Media bought the station.

The station's Class-A license, was owned by NC Partners, is still active, and has since been reallocated to channel 46 in Watertown. Now owned by Taylor Media Stations Group. The station has now filed an FCC application in order to flash-cut to digital. It will air JTN, My Network TV, and NBC on separate digital subchannels as well as Animovie, when the station completes the transition to digital (via flash-cut). However, it was announced that Taylor Media is launching a new NBC/RTN affiliate WBQZ-LP called "Watertown's NBC 34" and My Network TV will move to WBQZ-LP.

[edit] Sister Station

  • WBQZ-LP 34 Watertown NY (now an NBC/RTN affiliate)

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