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This game is the sequel to Steam London. Many of the characters from Steam London return, but there is the opening for new ones as well.

[edit] Summary

A few years has past since the rising of the Cold Ones and the ending of the world war against the forces of the Russian Empire. Russia is slowly recovering from the horrors inflicted at it's heart, while Europe rebuilds what was lost in the conflict. The crew of the Boheme has gone their own ways, but are now drawn back together as Emmaline Lighton makes an amazing discovery...

[edit] Characters

Emmaline Lighton - The brave and brilliant inventor whose work was key in saving the world from the rising of the Cold Ones. Her partner, the aetherial George Lewistine, was lost to the void in the battle that finished the Cold One Queen. Emma has recently discovered what she believes are traces of George in other dimension and is determined to bring her friend back.

Helena Thomas - Emma's eager and tough new assistant, who is helping with alot of the work on the interdimensional devices being used to find George. She appears to have the ability to direct aetheric currents.

Jaisen Santiago Dreyfuss - A skilled military man and now airship captain, of the St. Elmo. He is tough and resourceful and a good leader, but with his share of doubts and events in his past that are starting to reverberate in the present. He is determined to help Emma in any way he can to rescue George. Recently the victim of a failed asassination attempt by his former Fiancee, Mariana Cloude-Miszte, along withhis foster sisterRosita Litton-Van Huiyck and his niece Esmeralda. Has since returned, and re-assumed command of the Saint Elmo. Duriung the attack on the O'Landry school by Mariana Cloude-Miszte, Dreyfuss attempted to merely modify a pair of temporary wings to help him descend from the St. Elmo with the Air Rangers, but instead managed, with the unexpected help of the Bright One's soul that he carries within him, to actually grow a pair of brass-and-silver Bright One's wings (presumably those of a Sentinel), which are now for all intents and puposes permanent, albeit capable of being sized down to fit into or under clothing. Dreyfuss is not wholly optimistic about this development.

Angel and Cain - The energetic, childlike and joyful Angel and the kind, polite and loyal Cain are two constructs, built with amazing amounts of power and fueled by their great love for each other. They were instrumental in providing a weapon that could effectivly combat the Cold One forces. Cain was created by Patrick O'Landry, while Angel is a much older ancient construct created by a mysterious elder race. They have enjoyed their blissful existance after the end of the war but are eager to help their friend Emma.

Sigmund Ky'thur - A Cold One / Human hybrid from another dimension, one where the Cold Ones rule over a devastated earth. Different from his bloodhirsty compatriots, Sigmund managed to escape to the dimension of the story, where he stayed, working for the famed Patrick O'Landry. As a skilled soldier, he is helping protect Emma and the crew from the dangers they may face in other dimensions.

Thomas William Taylor III - A brilliant, if slightly cocky inventor, a master at Time Travel.He helped Emma defeat the Cold Ones and fell in love with her in the process. He does what he can to help her find George, even as he is busy with many projects, some of them of amazing magnitude,but most are simple humble creations,for Trip isnt that great.

Elisha Kettell - Elisha Kettell is a famed Canadian privateer, who became embroiled in the Boheme affair. A tough soldier with much damaged suffered to his body, he fought for the Boheme to near death, where he was saved by Eleanor Jane Townsend-Armistead, who he fell in love with. He now needs to return to fighting to help his friends, but is worried of the danger that Ella might be placed in.

Madame Hyacinth Arachne - A beautiful and sensual bordello owner with mechanical lower limbs below the knees built for her by Patrick O'Landry. She is a close ally to the crew of the Boheme and the Aether League, offering her bordello as shelter and hospital to any who require it.

Christian Leyton - An aloof and skeptical gentleman scientist, attempting to quantify the magic rising in the world since the Cold One invasion with scientific principal. Has developed some skill in magic with his studies and has come to London to investigate the heart of the oddities, taking a place aboard the St. Elmo.

Nadya Catrina Zarate - A former prostitute, with a wide variety of other skills, coming from an alternate dimension where she worked for a version of Madame Arachne. On this Arachne's death, Nadya, using her unique dimension walking skills, escaped to the story dimension, landing on the St. Elmo and essentially joining it's crew. In order to stop her from coming to look for him, and thus put herself in danger by trying to rescue him and his sister and niece dreyfuss sent a whitefore boilt through hi slink with Nadya, thus unintentionally starting a White Fire onset episode. Nadya's white fire capabilities now far exceed those of Dreyfuss or , in fact, any other known white fire wielder, and it has become necessary for her to actively seek to discharge her white fire at intervals both for her own and others' safety.

Patrick O'Landry - Patrick O'Landry, or the General of Tinker's Row, was an adventerous young engineer that was caught up in the Boheme adventure when he met Emmaline Lighton. His skills began to move beyond regular engineering to a realm almost of magic, becoming a powerful force in the fight against the Cold Ones. He now spends most of his time teaching "Technomancy" to students at his academy.

Jennifer S. O'Landry - The beautiful Irish healer, who while on the Boheme fell in love with Patrick O'Landry and eventually married him. Her use of magic has shifted her towards something less human, but that in no way dims Patrick's love for her. She spends most of her time helping her husband with his new job at the academy.

Eleanor Jane Townsend-Armistead - Dr. Townsend-Armistead was swept up in the Boheme affair and despite her misgivings acted heroically, especially to save the life of Elisha Kettell, who she fell in love with. She now works as a full time doctor, working with Elisha for the Aether League.

Charles Tayle - The determined Head of the British Secret Service, one time enemy but now ally of the crew of the Boheme.

Mariana Cloude-Miszte - A former and forceful love of Dreyfuss's who has returned with a rather large impact into Dreyfuss's world. Is part of the Secret Service as well and is actually plotting to eventually kill Dreyfuss. Now lies wounded and healing in the infirmary of O'Landry's School for Technomancy, after having led an asault on the school in oder to kill their unborn child for the purposes of the Corruptor.

Rosita Litton-Van Huiyck and Esmeralda Litton-Van Huiyck - Rosita Litton-Van Huiyck is Jaisen Dreyfuss's foster sister, who moved to London from America with her daughter Esmeralda. Esmeralda has enrolled in Patrick O'Landry's School for Technomancy, where she has proved to be a talented but difficult student. Her and her friend Lotta Crabtree plot to escape the school to go on adventures with Uncle Dreyfuss.UPDATE: Following the attempt to kill Dreyfuss, which also almost killed herself and her mother, Esmeralda is now a junior member of the crew Of the Saint Elmo, and mentee of Nadya Zarate.

Zoradysis and Talos - Zoradysis is a young girl who was rescued from a burning airship by Cain and Angel. She now is a potential student at the School for Technomancy. Talos was a large construct who guarded her, but was plunged into the ocean during the disaster. He emerged and was corrupted, harming people to "protect" Zoradysis, but has since been purified and restored.

Hiroshi Tanaka - A young and delicate student attending the School for Technomancy.

Julia - A girl working at Madame Arachne's establishment, often as a medic.

Malcolm Harcourt Creedlowe - Owner of the Wrench and Hammer, a pub in Tinker's Row, which also is used as a hostel for many airship crew members.

Miles Norris Ashcroft and Hargood Padillo Mondragon - Two good friends of Dreyfuss from his days in the Air Navy. Now that he has returned in command of a ship, his former comrades now have the opportunity to work with him. They helped him earn the position he now holds and are willing to aid him in his voyages to other worlds.

Captain Lemuel Ishmael and Jock Lough-Malley - Two friends of Dreyfuss who now hold positions on the St. Elmo. They are both very loyal to Dreyfuss and will help him in any activity, even those kept secret.

Hiram Jessup Myers, Harrison Tolchak, Corinthus Taggart, Michael Morrissey (deceased), Nathaniel Aubrey - Marines serving on the St. Elmo under Dreyfuss.UPDATE: all but Tolchak and Myers are now on other vessels, after their Marine squad on board the St. Elmo was disbanded following the apparent disapperance of Commodore Dreyfuss(He has now returned, and Tolchak has also, but Tolchak is now an Air Ranger Master Sergeant and serves with the air Rangers who are now the military troop complement aboatrd the St. Elmo.

Nicolae Ion Zarate and Emilian Luca Zarate - Nadya's brothers from her dimension, who worked under that universe's Dreyfuss. Recently have had a sudden impression of their long lost sister, Nadya.

[edit] Races

Bright Ones

Creatures from another plane of existence from the universes expanding away from Steam London. Humans called them Angels. Their job was to advance sentient thought in humans and encourage technological advancements. Among these ranks of Bright Ones were Makers, Eaters, and of course Setinels.


Their role was as direct contacts to the Bright Ones, They are humans infused with artificial intelligences called "Deus Ex Machinae" or as we call them "Deus". Makers inspired technological advancements as in writing and agriculture to humans, while also constructing Setinels to guard developing humanity from outside threats. The humans able to become Makers needed to possess a mysterious ability which manifested itself as white fire, a mysterious ability, which has been affiliated with white magicks. Or abilities wielded by the original bright ones which came to earth. It is believed to be a mutation intentionally caused when the Bright Ones arrived to assure human advancement in the event of the Bright One's deaths. Essentially, they are man's protectors.


These creatures resembled large crows and would spot these bearers of white fire and protect them as children until they grew old enough to be educated and become Makers. However, when the Bright Ones of Steam London's Earth were almost all killed off, the Eaters made it their duty to keep humanity numb from the idea of Cold Ones by hunting down evidence and remains of Cold Ones and devouring them. Think all those government agents that deny the existence of an Area 51, and clean up any evidence. However, they are often prevented from interfering directly in a lot of crises. This is mostly due to the instruction of the Bright Ones, but also because they fear retribution from any group, as they originate from only one planet, a small one that isn't present in all dimensions. They prefer to keep attention away from their world as much as possible, partly for themselves and partly for the humans that live there, as well as the many ancient artifacts within the world. Though, this doesn't mean that they can't pull the strings a bit.


Constructs crafted to be almost exactly like humans. Angel is a perfect example of a Setinel, though she is an irregularity. She was crafted with a special implement which canceled the shutoff command initiated after the death of the queen. Setinels weapons were not guns or blades, but songs. The song of a Setinel can heal the wounded, knock bullets from the air, and grind steel to dust. However, Angel lacks those abilities, due to major damage during her time stagnating in a tomb in South America.

The Cold Ones

Children of the queen, a fallen Bright One cursed by her husband to inhabit a planet which was believed to be uninhabitable by sentient life— Earth circa the Cretaceous Period. Over time her hate and rage transformed her into a hideous beast whose blood created its own twisted semblance of life called a Cold One. Cold Ones are semi-sentient, capable of making certain judgments, but are little more than wild beasts in this world. However, they are sentient and intelligent creatures (albeit with no morals) in Grey London, Sigmund's universe. Commodores are the product of humans being injected with the blood of a queen.

The Ascended

Ranks of beings descended from Angels and Demons themselves, ascended from mere man. They are divided into four groups, The Gifted, The Cursed, Aether Demons, and Guardians.

The Gifted

The descendants of Angels from another plane even from the Bright Ones, they are the creators of the dimensions. The have the appearance of humans, with the obvious difference of having blue skin and hair ranging from silver, to white, black, blond and occasionally brown, and a vastly extended life span— they can live for hundreds of thousands of years. They began their work eons before the current storyline, and are now somewhere along the outer edges of all the dimensions on this plane, ever expanding the borders. However, over the course of their campaign, children have been lost, Gifted Ones and Cursed Ones alike have broken away from the group, etc. Each of these Gifted or Cursed Ones then led on relatively normal lives amongst the people of whatever realm they settled in, beyond the whole longevity of life. Their descendants often live completely normal lives, unaware of their abilities, except for a few rare strands that become World Walkers.

World Walkers, aka Interdimensional Teleporters

In a few dimensions, as in Nadya's realm, children that had been separated from their families during the campaign to create ever more dimensions, were then adopted by families of the dimension they became lost in. Too young to know the extent of their abilities, they often led completely normal lives, breeding and producing offspring with the dimension’s humanoid form of life. Their offspring then inherited latent genes that would be passed on through succeeding generations. However, occasionally a child would be born an exact replica of the Ascended or Cursed child, and would have the ability to traverse the aether between worlds. In Nadya's world, her ancestors raised a Cursed child as a gypsy. The child then developed the gypsy desire to roam, and became the first explorer of the realms, rather than a creator. This is the true role of a World Walker. Rather than creating or destroying, their job is to explore the dimensions their ancestors left behind after creation. Their appearance can vary wildly from completely human, to completely Ascended or Cursed, to some amalgamation of the two, though they do inherit the abilities of the original race— creation or destruction.

The Cursed

The descendants of Demons on the same plane as the Angels, they assist the Gifted in the creation of dimensions by destroying the flaws produced during initial construction (extra planets, people, etc). Their job is similar to that of the janitorial staff, coming to clean up the mistakes of the Gifted but never able to be on the same level as them. They are usually tall, with naturally red skin that can change in a manner similar to the abilities of a chameleon based on their intentions. The Cursed have pointed ears and have hair colors ranging from reds, to black, brown, and gray. Their appearance is all together far more demonic than their counterparts The Gifted are angelic. The Cursed named themselves as such because they feel cursed that they can never become a Gifted, able only to destroy, never to create.

Aether Demons

Aether demons are the impure version of The Cursed, an original strain of Demon offspring that retained more than just the appearance of their forefather. They are often large, fat, and ugly with generally yellow or green colouring. Their behavior is often simply for the purpose of creating chaos within the realms, thriving off of mayhem. They have semi-limited intelligence and intellect,with the Shamans and the Knights being smarter than the lesser of the three the Warriors, but are aware of their own actions and capable of thought and decisions. There are three classes—


A Warrior is a simple, scantily clothed Aether Demon who carries around either a crude club or pieces of metal fashioned into weapons. The most basic form of Aether Demon, they can super charge weapons with Aether energy giving them the effects of being coated in acid. They perform most grunt work.


Knights are advanced from Warriors in that the wear armor and have crude bat-like wings. Placed on a higher tier than the Warriors, they also have a higher amount of intellect and often master strategy above all.


Shamans can use advance Aether abilities and can morph into humans by absorbing them in a crude display of blood and guts, which eliminates the original body. Their function is similar to that of a shapeshifter. Perhaps the most cunning of all, many are sly and sneaky, with few moral attachments if any.


Perhaps the rarest form of The Ascended, these creatures are by far the laziest of their brethren, despite their high levels of power. They appear as tall, pale white creatures with the ability to wield aether like a magick. They typically attire themselves in grey suits or robes and regulate the realms. They were originally intended to police the realms, maintaining stability, but over time they have become lazy and often force others to do the grunt work for them. They run similarly to a corporate office, passing on orders through an endless bureaucracy so that very little actually gets done. However, Guardians are often very narcissistic and power-hungry, and enjoy holding their roles over others. Should a Guardian decide to pursue you for ‘disrupting the balance of the Realms’ you’d best watch out.

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